Words can’t even explain the magical time we had on our wedding day, January 3rd 2015! After months of planning, seeing it all come together in one amazing day was absolutely surreal!

For our wedding I was so excited to organize everything that I didn’t even hire a wedding planner (ahh!), which ended up being such a fun time for me. Although there were the obvious stresses, like knowing who to pick as suppliers and cutting down on unnecessary things (that felt so necessary at the time), I still had a blast doing it.  I could tell that both the mothers were slightly freaking out because they had no idea what to expect, yet they were pleasantly surprised with the results!

We got married at Fancourt Golf Estate in George, South Africa which had the most wonderful garden feel, and it was everything I had ever hoped for. The whole day went so smoothly – hair, makeup, flowers, décor, and even fitting perfectly into my dress! The only slight mishap was that we showed up to the ceremony 15 minutes late!! However, I knew Jacques wouldn’t think the worst – he knows by now that I am very much on my own time :)

Since being married we have started out on what is to be one of the greatest journeys of our lives! And I have just been dying to share all of our adventures.

We began by traveling up the Garden Route, all along the EastCoast of South Africa. We spent our honeymoon night at Oubaai Golf Estate, which has an absolutely beautiful view that overlooks the ocean. Next we took the time to stop all along the coast to see all of the incredible hidden treasures. Such a beautiful country with so much raw authenticity. I would just drink in every moment, experiencing it all in full.

As we continued our journey we stopped at an award-winning wine and cheese restaurant, Fynboshoek Cheese. At that moment I couldn’t have asked to be anywhere else in the world!! We spent over 2 hours there, indulging on the most delectable hand-crafted cheeses with fresh bread straight from the oven. I wanted it to last forever!


Although we had traveled that route more times than I can count, its amazing how different it looked when we actually took the time to stop, look, and take it all in one beautiful viewpoint at a time.

Life is all about a series of moments. I is up to us to create moments that will make you smile and create memories that will last forever!

Don’t forget to stop and look every once in a while. Else you might wake up one day and wonder how it all went by so fast.



Featured image: UnsplashHoneymoon-I

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