Faux Fur and Backcountry Roads

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Hello lovelies! I so love how these shots turned out. It was such a fun day, starting out with a coffee date in the morning to discuss some business strategy, and then we decided to take drive out to Bragg Creek and fly the drone for some fun :) Check out the vlog episode here, capturing the day and giving you a little behind-the-scenes look at our day, shooting, and enjoying taking in everything around us.

While we were out driving we sort of made a little impromptu stop and really jumped at the opportunity to capture this perfect backcountry road. This Ralph Lauren Faux Fur Coat is my absolute favorite right now, and the best birthday present to date! I added an amazing blanket scarf from Aritzia, and finished off the look with my go-to black ankle booties. It’s so incredible to live in a beautiful country where you can capture the perfect moments. Gratitude for where we are, and how far we’ve come in our lives is right on the top of my list!

So often we get stuck on wishing we were somewhere else, that we forget to be in the present and take advantage of the life we live. That has definitely been something that I’ve promised to continue to make a goal for 2017, really looking around instead of always looking ahead. Time goes by so quickly and then we always regret not savoring the little moments more often. This is especially true when you are making memories, or on those special days that come once in a lifetime.

I remember so clearly, all through planning my wedding and getting ready the day of, I made a point of soaking everything up!! It was almost like an out-of-body experience, watching all the fun, how beautiful all my girls looked with their hair updo’s and gorgeous faces smiling from ear to ear. Could not have imagined a more wonderful day, and I am so glad I took the time to be in the present and really experience every moment. This is what I hope to continuing doing in my life, never wishing any moments away. What are your goals for this year? <3


Ralph Lauren Coat | Kate Spade Gloves | Talula Leggings | Wilfred Blanket Scarf | Aldo Booties
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We Edit Podcasts Turns 2!

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Hello Lovelies! Yesterday my company, We Edit Podcasts, turned 2! So today I thought it only right to celebrate with a crazy sweet, chocolatey, peanut butter cheesecake! I can’t believe two years have gone by since starting my business, and I couldn’t be more excited about how it has grown. Although I prefer a healthy diet, amazing times like these call for a little extra sweet treat!!

Starting and growing a business is no small feat. It takes many long days, late nights, and plenty of hours of hard work to get it off the ground. You have to be able to make the sale, deliver a great product or service, and most importantly, add value into the lives of your clients. It is so important to always follow through, be consistent, and put in the hard work from the start to truly reap the rewards in the end.

Launching your business can seem like a mountain to climb, but it is all about setting milestones for yourself and celebrating each when you get there so you can look on to the future. When tough times come, there is no use in staying stuck where you are. Look forward, pivot, and make your next move! Most of all, value the dedication and work that you’ve put in because without you it wouldn’t have been possible. So don’t undervalue yourself, don’t sell yourself short, and always celebrate how far you’ve come!

Now on to that cheesecake! :D

All you’ll need is:

10 graham crackers
7 tablespoons of melted butter
24 ounces cream cheese (3 packs)
1½ cups powdered/icing sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1½ cups chocolate chips, melted
2 cups peanut butter, melted
1 cup confectioner’s/icing sugar

Crush the graham crackers, then melt the butter and add the two together to form the crust. Press the crust into the bottom of a springform pan and refrigerate. Mix the softened cream cheese in a large bowl, and add in the powdered sugar & vanilla, mix until smooth. Melt the chocolate and add to the cream cheese mixture. Pour mixture over the graham cracker crust using a spatula to smooth it out, and refrigerate.

Mix together the melted peanut butter and icing sugar and pour over the chocolate cheesecake layer. Use a knife to spread evenly and refrigerate for 2-4 hours. Top with your favorite toppings, and decorate it with some beautiful flowers :) Enjoy loves! How are you celebrating your big milestones? <3

IKEA Cake Stand | Cake Server | Number Balloon | Villeroy & Boch New Wave Mug, Plate, & Spoon
cake-stand cake-lifter number-balloon new-wave-mug new-wave-plate new-wave-spoon

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My Favorite Dermalogica Products for Perfect Skin











Hello Lovelies! Seems like a few days flew by since I last posted on the blog. Took a little break from the fun and creative to catch up on some important next steps and strategies for my business. Since the weather has been completely up and down, hot then cold lately, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Dermalogica products that I am using right now.

With the dry cold it is sometimes hard to keep up with your skin as it tries to adapt to the lack of moisture. Plus, with all the new year cleanses and clean eating my body has been getting rid of a lot of toxins, and although this feels great, I definitely have to stand prepared to tackle my skin!

I always, always start out with the special cleansing gel to give my skin a nice clean wash in the shower. This formula is calming and not at all harsh on my skin, which is a must! Next I follow with the skin-smoothing cream, which is amazing and so well suited for skin that is often sensitive like mine is. It gives the perfect balance of moisture and smooths out the skin.

When trouble spots come up, my two must-haves for this is the overnight clearing gel and the concealing spot treatment. The overnight clearing gel is great to put on before bed to let it work during the night while you sleep. The concealing spot treatment is a tinted breakout minimizer, which works so well as a concealer while also working to treat any troubled spots that need the extra attention.

Both of these are from the mediBac clearing system or line of products, which controls breakouts without compromising the skin’s integrity and allows you to have clearer and healthier skin overall. What are your favorites when it comes to skincare? <3

Special Cleansing Gel | Skin Smoothing Cream | Overnight Clearing Gel | Concealing Spot Treatment | IVY Park Joggers
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My Go-To Products for Amazing Hair












Happy Valentine’s Day Lovelies! Today I thought I’d share a quick post on some of my absolute favorite haircare products right now. As you are all ready to get dolled up, give your hair a curl, or perhaps sleek it out for the night, my biggest tip is to use products that give your hair a natural feel! For me, it all starts with a great hair mask. These can be some of the most pricey products out there, but the key is finding the right one. Lately I’ve been stuck on this L’oreal Total Repair hair mask. I just apply it right after shampooing my hair, and then let it sit while I finish up in the shower. This way I can do it every single day, and I know my hair is getting the care it needs, daily.

Next I can’t live without a leave-in conditioner. Once I hope out of the shower and towel-dry my hair, I spritz on some of this Revlon Uniq One coconut leave-in conditioner. It smell amazing, and helps my brush manage through all the tangled mess :) Before I blow dry, I love to prime with this tonic from Bumble and bumble. It’s a great prep, and gives my hair a bit of a lift.

The Thermal Shine Spray from Rusk is A M A Z I N G ! I search for this everywhere I go, and snatch up three bottles at a time if I can! It works so well on wet or dry hair, which is what I love. I usually spray it on before drying my hair, and then again before using my straightener or curling iron. Then finally, to end off the look, I use the Osis Free hairspray from Schwarzkopf. Love! It smells amazing and is just the right hold while still leaving my hair natural and soft.

Hope you all have an amazing evening, celebrating your loved ones! Let me know what your hair faves are right now :)

L’Oreal Hair Mask | Rusk Thermal Spray | Revlon Conditioner | Bb Tonic Primer | Osis Hairspray
L'oreal Rusk revlon uniq one Bb tonic osis

Glowing Skin with Lavami

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Hello lovelies! Today on the blog I want to share some new products I got to try from Lavami Natural Skin Care. These smell amazing, and are made with only the most natural ingredients. I love the Lavami philosophy that what we put on our skin matters. “Great skin takes commitment, not a miracle.” It all comes down to using the right products with the right nutrients for your skin type. We all love clear, glowing, even-toned skin. So take the time to learn about your skin and make it beautiful! When I was younger I always had to take care to only put gentle, natural products on my face and even today I am so diligent in caring for my skin. It’s never too late to start, and trust me, you will always be glad you did!

The Soothe Bath soak is incredible! Perfect for sore muscles from the gym :) the eucalyptus essential oil and peppermint leaf combo is so soothing and great for combating those pesky cold symptoms that are sticking around this time of year. I die for anything shea butter, and this natural deodorant is full of it. For all those out there who are looking for a natural substitute, this it is! There is also the “Fresh” flavor that works great for those who have a more sensitive skin :) The Ranger soap is so unique, and is made with charcoal and ground coffee beans sourced from Calgary Heritage Roasting Company! Love, love, love! Let me know if you’ve had a chance to try a few gorgeous Lavami products <3

Soothe Bath Soak | Citrus Deodorant | The Ranger Soap | Tory Burch Watch
bath soak deodorant the ranger soap Tory burch watch

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