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New Hair and Blondielocks for Spring!











Hello lovelies! So… I am just realizing I am super far behind on blog content!! But nonetheless, I still wanted to share my new blondielocks with you all! As some of you may have seen on Instagram or even in person, I got my hair nice and brightened up for the Spring season thank so the lovely Hailey Jacobsen! Check her out here on her journey as the owner of her very own salon, Inner Beauty.

Absolutely love getting my hair done, especially after it’s grown out a bit and the colour has faded out into my natural gold.. not the biggest fan, but learning to embrace it when it comes! To keep my hair super blonde, I always use the Unite Blonda shampoo. Purple shampoos are great for keeping the tone under control and leaving it looking freshly done longer. Because I get it coloured quite a bit, a good hair mask is always a must! One of my favorites is the Kérastase brand, which makes your hair feel amazing! However, on a more day-to-day basis I also love the Moroccan Oil Restorative hair mask or the L’Oreal Total Repair hair mask.

Taking care of the health of your hair is one of the most important things you can do, no matter if it is long or short. Giving it time to heal between colors, diligently giving it a good conditioning therapy, and not putting repetitive pressure on your hair is key. Keep in mind, as it is with most things, everyone’s hair is unique! The best is to learn more about what your hair tends to do and what you should focus on to keep it looking its best. So next time you are sitting in that chair, don’t forget to ask your stylist to tell you a little more about your hair <3

Unite Blonda Shampoo | Moroccan Oil Hair Mask | L’Oreal Hair Mask
blonda Morrocan-oil loreal-mask

Let’s Talk Eyelash Extensions!


with Outlash Beauty Boutique














Hello Lovelies! Today we are talking eyelash extensions :) I had the pleasure of being invited to Outlash Beauty Boutique to get my eyelashes done. It is the cutest boutique in the beautiful Inglewood area, and I had the absolute best time – thanks ladies!! Although this is not my first time getting them, I am so glad I did, again! This time around I was able to get the Silk 2D/3D lashes, done by the lovely Claire Mayo. With this set, it is a perfect blend of two-to-one and three-to-one silk lashes to your own. It gives you the extra volume that you need, plus the perfect curl.

Outlash was founded by Jessica Lapuz and started out as a creative outlet. After a whirlwind adventure of travel, doing lashes gave her the freedom as well as the relaxation that she needed. Jessica loves making women feel more confident in who they are, which is AMAZING! That is the absolute best feeling ever, seeing women blossom into the beautiful people they are, inside and out.

For me, getting lashes is a real treat. I love anything that enhances your already beautiful features! It really makes your eyes come alive, and it’s definitely great for always being picture ready :) The key to lasting lashes definitely lies in the application, and of course in how well you take care of your lashes afterwards. Remember that for the first 24 hours, water is a no-go! So make sure you plan your day accordingly. I am a little hardcore with my eyelash care, including my big buggy sleeping mask, brushing my lashes, and washing them with LashWash – but I wouldn’t have it any other way. You absolutely have to care for your lashes to get the most out of them and keep them looking beautiful!

Are you thinking about getting lashes? Well I am SUPER excited to give you lovelies a discount code!! Use the code “carli15” to get an amazing 15% off your next service at Outlash <3

Outlash Beauty Boutique | LashWash Cleanser | H&M Fine-knit Jumper
OLE lash-wash H-and-m-sweater

At Your Desk Saje Wellness Remedy Bar

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Hello Lovelies, and happy Tuesday to you all! Over here on my side I have been thee busiest of all time, trying to make sure all the client work is done, and then squeezing in some me time in between it all. But I have to say, I’m loving every minute of it! It feels great to focus on working towards my goals, and really getting to apply it to all areas of my life. My biggest thing of all is to stay hydrated during the day. I have my big ol’ Starbucks cup basically permanently glued to my desk so I can get in as much water as possible!

Today I wanted to share another little something that I keep at my desk! For my birthday a little while ago I got the at your desk Remedy Bar by Saje Natural Wellness from my dear friend, Sarah, and it is absolutely amazing! It is a combo of their three most supportive remedies to make the most of your work day. They are specifically picked for the Remedy bar to focus your mind, ease any tension, and set the tone for a healthy, happy, & productive day! Since I haven’t really been the essential oils go-to gal, this little bar has been a great introduction to some of the most applicable to my everyday life.

The first is the stress release, which is a blend of lavender (my fave!), orange, chamomile, and vetiver. It works well for inducing relaxation and these essential oils are known for the stress relieving, soothing, qualities. Next is the eater’s digest, which is honestly the first one I tried. I have been actively working to heal my gut health recently, so the peppermint and fennel essential oils in this one are great for soothing discomfort and supporting healthy digestive function – and who wouldn’t want that, right? Finally, there is the quick study, which helps with mental alertness and clarity. Although I’m no longer a student, late nights at my desk definitely call for a little extra help concentrating! This is for sure the one I have been using most. What have you been loving from Saje, and what should I try next? <3

Saje Remedy Bar | Saje stress release | Saje eater’s digest | Saje quick study |Off the Shoulder Blouse | Pandora Pearl Ring
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What’s In My Makeup Bag?




















Hello Lovelies! I often get questions about what makeup I’m using at the moment and what my tips and tricks are, so I thought I’d share a little bit about what’s in my makeup bag at the moment. It’s a nice mix of Mac Cosmetics, Sephora goodies, and some of my favorite drugstore finds. Lately I love to start with the Neutrogena CC cream, to really smooth out the look of my skin and add some SPF protects to boot.

Next I apply my favorite concealer from MAC Cosmetics, all around the eyes to brighten them up and cover any trouble spots. I apply foundation next with a Lise Watier foundation brush. Right now I am using the studio sculpt from MAC, which looks amazing on my skin. I use my beauty blender to smooth it all out. What works best for me is first spraying the beauty blender with my Prep+Prime spray from MAC, just to make it easier to blend.

Often times I go in again with the concealer and use it as a contour base. Then it’s time to shape my eyebrows. Right now I’m using the brow artist shaper from L’Oréal. From there it’s easy to go in with a bronzer to do some more contouring. My absolute favorite highlighter right now is the Champagne Pop from Becca. To finish it off, I use the MAC powder blush in color “Dame” to brighten up my cheeks. When applying eyeshadow I love using the Paint Pot from MAC, which is amazing for a long-lasting look.

Next I use the Revlon Colorstay eyeliner, which is easy to blend and really makes your eyes pop. Before applying my mascara, I spritz some Prep+Prime spray to set everything I’ve applied and then go over with the Mineralize Skinfish Powder to finish off the look. Finally, I use the Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Mascara. I keep coming back to this mascara and love the look it gives! To add a final touch, I have been using this amazing lip plumper from essence, which has really surprised me in how amazing it looks on!

So there you have it, my everyday look and some of my favorite things in my makeup bag right now! What are your favorites? <3

Neutrogena CC Cream | Pro Longwear Concelear | Studio Sculpt Foundation | Foundation Brush | Prep + Prime Spray | Brow Artist Shaper | Champagne Pop Highlighter | Powder Blush | MAC Paint Pot | Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner | Mineralize Powder | Rimmel London Mascara | Essence Lip Plumper
Neutrogena-CC-cream Mac-concealer Studio-sculpt foundation-brush prep-and-prime brow-artist champagne-pop powder-blush paint-pot revlon-eyeliner mineralizer-skinfish rimmel-mascara lip-plumper

My Favorite Dermalogica Products for Perfect Skin











Hello Lovelies! Seems like a few days flew by since I last posted on the blog. Took a little break from the fun and creative to catch up on some important next steps and strategies for my business. Since the weather has been completely up and down, hot then cold lately, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Dermalogica products that I am using right now.

With the dry cold it is sometimes hard to keep up with your skin as it tries to adapt to the lack of moisture. Plus, with all the new year cleanses and clean eating my body has been getting rid of a lot of toxins, and although this feels great, I definitely have to stand prepared to tackle my skin!

I always, always start out with the special cleansing gel to give my skin a nice clean wash in the shower. This formula is calming and not at all harsh on my skin, which is a must! Next I follow with the skin-smoothing cream, which is amazing and so well suited for skin that is often sensitive like mine is. It gives the perfect balance of moisture and smooths out the skin.

When trouble spots come up, my two must-haves for this is the overnight clearing gel and the concealing spot treatment. The overnight clearing gel is great to put on before bed to let it work during the night while you sleep. The concealing spot treatment is a tinted breakout minimizer, which works so well as a concealer while also working to treat any troubled spots that need the extra attention.

Both of these are from the mediBac clearing system or line of products, which controls breakouts without compromising the skin’s integrity and allows you to have clearer and healthier skin overall. What are your favorites when it comes to skincare? <3

Special Cleansing Gel | Skin Smoothing Cream | Overnight Clearing Gel | Concealing Spot Treatment | IVY Park Joggers
special-cleansing-gel skin-smoothing clearing-gel spot-treatment Ivy park joggers

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