Winter Getaway With Lincoln Nautilus

Recently we had the privilege of going on the most incredible winter getaway with the brand new Lincoln Nautilus! We hit the road early morning to Canmore to spend some time together in the Rockies, testing out all the amazing features that the Nautilus has to offer.

The Nautilus really lives up to its elegant appearance, which you can feel from the moment you walk up to it. As you get closer, the Nautilus literally comes to life. When the key is sensed nearby, the LED lamps subtly illuminate to greet you and welcome mats appear beneath both front doors, lighting up the area as you get in. This was one of my favorite features at night!

With its Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, the Nautilus drove like a dream on the snow and the winter tires were just what we needed to make it to our Rocky Mountain destination. While on the highway, I absolutely loved using the Adaptive Cruise Control feature and simply set the desired number of car lengths I wanted and the vehicle kept my distance perfectly. Plus, the new Lane-Centering technology was super handy to help keep me centered within my lane, which is part of Lincoln’s Co-Pilot 360 suite of advanced driver-assistance features that come standard in the Nautilus.

Now, if you’re feeling super adventurous and ready to get a bit of help on those pesky parallel parkings, then you have to try the park assist feature! When finding those tricky parking spots in the city, the Active Park Assist helped to identify the right size parallel or perpendicular parking spots for me and then simply steered the vehicle right into them. All I had to do is control the speed while the Adaptive Steering assisted in manoeuvering the vehicle exactly the way I needed it to go. Et voilá, just like that my Nautilus was parked!

Another one of my favorite features is the Blindspot Information System. This was absolutely great when navigating through the busy streets of Calgary. The cross-traffic alert uses sensors to detect traffic in your blind spot and gave me a visual warning whenever other vehicles were detected. So if you are someone who forgets to a shoulder-check, the Nautilus has you covered! Of course, it is also equipped with 360 and backup cameras, which is something I definitely can’t live without. Since we live in an apartment building and I always have to maneuver through tight parkade parking spots, the camera system made it just that much easier to get in and out!

The steering wheel really has everything you need and gives you access to your driver display. From here I was able to choose the mode I wanted to drive in, such as Comfort or Sport. I was also able to answer calls on the go, change my music, and bring up the navigation system all at my fingertips!

The SYNC 3 infotainment system of the Nautilus is also incredibly user-friendly and makes it easy to stay connected to your favorite tunes through Apple CarPlay. Since I have an iPhone, this is just perfect for me! I just selected my favorite road trip playlist and we were set. Plus, using the navigation system is so fast and responsive, we were able to find our hotel in Canmore without a problem. It also allows you to simply zoom in as you would on your smartphone, so it all came naturally to me. On the system, you can also adjust your seat temperature, which was literally the first thing we did every time we got in. With those cold mountain temperatures, it’s so nice to be able to warm up fast! Plus, there’s a wireless charging dock right inside the console that keeps your phone charged and ready for any adventure. Which again, worked perfectly with my iPhone XS Max!

The seats are on another level! You can completely customize your seat with the 22-way power adjustability, including lumbar support and seat temperature. It’s just like sliding into your favorite chair, made just for you. Simply set it to your liking and then store it in the memory settings. This is so key for us, because I am a good foot shorter than my hubby, so every time we switched it was a quick and easy press of the button to recall our exact seat positions. This edition of the Nautilus is also fully kitted out with massage seats, which is like a dream come true! Honestly, I just sat back and relaxed the whole way to Canmore and back, while getting a message. Overall, the interior is so spacious and light, thanks to the gorgeous panoramic roof, which is great for sight-seeing and getting all those gorgeous shots of the mountains that I love!

In between testing out all the latest and greatest features that the Nautilus has to offer, we also had a few fun adventures along the way! For the weekend we stayed at the lovely Malcolm Hotel, where we took advantage of their outdoor hot tubs with the most amazing view of the mountains – right in our backyard!

We also spent the afternoon getting to know the most amazing dogs ever. These beautiful pups from Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours took us for a run through the woods and across the lake. It was absolutely an unforgettable experience! I can’t tell you how nice it was to get back from our frosty adventure, crank up the heat in the Nautilus and warm up my toes!

We ended the evening off with a delicious steak dinner at Table – amazing! As the weekend came to an end, before heading back into the city, we stopped at the new location of Rocky Mountain Bagle Co. to fill up on some breakfast bagels! Although we had never been to this new spot before, it was so easy to just type it into the navigation system and get there no problem.

We truly had such a wonderful time and made memories we will always remember! Check out our adventures on my Instagram story highlights to see it all!


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