Unbelievable Bangkok

When I say “unbelievable”, I mean UNBELIEVABLE! We spent only a short time in Bangkok, but it felt like weeks. There is so much to do and so much to see that by the time lunch time comes around, it feels like breakfast was two days ago!

In the city itself my senses were overwhelmed! Strange smells filtering through my nose, visions of scooters zipping by, and navigating through all of the food stands and massage parlours… Can you say, “culture shock”?!

Luckily it didn’t take long to get the hang of it. Before we knew it we were regulars – taking the train, discovering the huge malls, easily moving from one end of the city to the other. It’s crazy to think that there are 16 million people living in just this one place!

Most of the malls in the city centre have anywhere from 6-10 levels of pure shopping! Then there’s also the bargain malls where they have everything from Michael Kors accessories to True Religion jeans. And of course, technology for days!! I could not get Jacques off that level for a full two hours… and he doesn’t even like shopping!

As time went by, “unbelievable” started to have a few different meanings. From being completely overwhelming, to being filled with so much mystery just waiting to be discovered. I found it so interesting to see the mix of people in such close quarters – street vendors and shacks on one side of the block, and a five-star shopping centre on the other.

It is such a city of diversity. A place where you can dress up in a cute outfit and high heels to go out for a fancy glass of wine, and buy fresh fruit from a street vendor on the way. Incredible! We always think it should be the one or the other… but why not both? Our classification of ourselves and what’s expected often limits us from experiencing everything to the full. Unknowingly we segregate ourselves from everything that is different, whether it is new experiences or even other people.

So if we’re always sticking to everything that is familiar, then how do we even plan on learning anything new? What’s stopping us from stepping outside of our usual comfort bubbles and really breaching the culture gap?

Every person has so much to offer. Sometimes they just need someone to notice them and to truly take the time to find out what their dreams are. This is a way to uncover the true hidden treasures of this world.

Hope this inspires you to find those hidden treasures, to really step out and reach out to someone new to find out just what it is that makes them “unbelievable”!



Featured image: Unsplash


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