Ahh Phuket! Now this is more like it!! After our stay in Bangkok we booked a flight straight to Phuket in search of sun and sand… and that’s exactly what we found.

I was so excited to be back at the beach again that I couldn’t even contain myself! We booked into our hotel, and went straight down to the water. At first we bought an ice cold pint of beer, which came in a glass that was literally frozen on the outside. As we sat there with our feet in the sand, we drank in every moment and watched as the ice slowly melted off the glass.

Then it was time for a swim! We rented an umbrella, plopped our towels down and cooled off in the beautiful blue ocean. This definitely fit the “honeymoon feel” a lot better! Although there were so many tourists around, I loved it. It was strange how much more “at home” it made me feel to hear other english people around. We were all here for the same thing – to enjoy the sun and have a good time :) Oh and an extra bonus – they have fresh pineapple and watermelon everywhere! My favourite!


We ended up staying in Phuket for 3 whole weeks! The main place that we stayed was in Patong Beach. Patong is loud, full of tourists, and there is always something new to do! For most of our time there we rented a scooter and took that baby all over the island. We drove to several different beaches, discovered hidden snorkelling spots, and some amazing views.

I was really getting into this “South East Asian Living” thing. We were even brave enough to venture into the fresh market to try out the real Thai food. This was amazing! Fresh sushi for only $0.25 a piece, fresh fruit for days, yummy dumplings, and so much more.

Oh how we loved this experience. Fresh food at low prices – perfect deal right?… WRONG! I was so sick the next day that I couldn’t even get out of bed. Spent all day curled up in a ball, no energy, and very dehydrated.

By the end of the day I was feeling somewhat better, so we decided to venture out for some cool drinks and a bit of that fresh fruit I love.

Didn’t even make it half way down the street… I passed out right there on the side walk!! Woke up with a french guy yelling something about my face, who then proceeded to pour half a bottle of water all over my head! My first thought was, “Where is Jacques??” Turns out he was still in the process of paying for said bottle of water! I then wondered whether I was hurt – but luckily Jacques had caught me in time, and set me down nicely before heading off to search for the water.

Fainting is such a weird thing – one minute you’re feeling the worst you ever thought you could feel, and the next moment you have never felt better. I wasn’t even phased by the people staring and I was even less interested in getting up. Oh what a day! Luckily we made it back to the room in one piece.

I definitely look back on that day now and laugh at how in my state, on the hottest day of the week, we even dared to venture out onto the street… Must have been the newly-wed fever or something! :P

After all the craziness we moved to a resort a little ways outside of the busy city. This is where we truly found our home. It was our own little place of serenity. I was able to start my mornings with a run along the beach, followed by a lovely breakfast at the hotel. Then we would hop on our scooter to spend the morning snorkelling at a new beach somewhere. Paradise!

Of course then we would buckle down and spend the rest of the day working, poolside… not too bad either I would say! In the evenings we’d get back on our beloved scooter and head into town for some food, and yes, we did frequent the fresh market again. How do they say… What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

Overall we had an amazing experience. Explored new places, even met some fellow entrepreneurs, and really made it our “home away from home”.

It’s funny how even though I had an unpleasant experience, I still can only remember having an amazing time. This happens so often in life, and it really is our own choice whether those negative experiences ruin something that was otherwise amazing!




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