The Importance of Not Caring

Growing up we are taught several key principles in life and, like many of you, I was taught to care about others and to be considerate of what other people want in life. All though these are great principles and it is a great character to have… the more I delve into the business world the more I realize that YOU HAVE TO STOP CARING!

Now this does not been that you go out there and walk all over people and disregard humanity and their concerns completely – no, you should still be considerate and kind with regards to helping others. However, it does mean that in order for you to achieve all that you want out of life there comes a point where you have to shut out what others think, especially what they think of you or your ideas.

Lao Tzu said it best here:

Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.

A fact of life is that people always see things from their own perspectives. Through experiences and knowledge people create their own specific point of view which governs their mindsets and accordingly, their opinions about others.

Therefore situations will never be neutral… there is always a bias from either side, and unless that person is your specific target customer or an interested investor with a shared vision, there will be no neutral ground. So pick your battles carefully and remind yourself that you were not created for everyone to like you!

Above all, real happiness does not come from outside approval… it comes from within! So if your aim and focus is to please others or to seek their “OK” on everything that you do, stop! Build a life that you love and create something that brings you happiness from within. Remind yourself of exactly what is important to you and then refrain from apologizing for pursuing just that!

So how can you continue doing what you love without letting the negative criticism of others drag you down? Here are three simple tips to get your started.

1. Flip Your Perspective
Don’t weigh yourself down with the negative view, instead see the critique as a growth opportunity, not only for your business but for your personal character as well.

2. Be Conscious of Who You surround Yourself With
People can be so very influential, and make large impacts on our lives. So it is always crucial to surround yourself with people who support you and challenge you to build without breaking you down.

3. Learn to Appreciate and Embrace the Individuality of Others
We are all unique, so learn to take bits and pieces from everyone you interact with and make it work for YOU! Together with your own ideas this will create an amazing collage of an inimitable brand for you to foster and grow.

I hope you found this piece of wisdom inspiring and challenging all at once! So stop letting the negativity of others get you down, and go out and get precisely what you’ve worked so hard for!

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