The Importance of Appreciation

So as we previously discussed, Biz-Knows are what I like to call “golden nuggets” of business wisdom here for the taking! This week we will be discussing the sheer importance of appreciating others and the positive effects that it has on your business.


As discussed in last week’s Biz-Knows, when running your own business a big part of your growth involves networking with others and reaching out to those who can help you reach the next level. One simple way to get others to help you is to show sincere appreciation for their help or the favor they are doing for you.

“The strongest drive of human behaviour is the desire to be appreciated by others” – Dale Carnegie

Instead of being known as someone who uses people to get what they want, create your brand to be known as one who shows true appreciation. Although this is a business strategy, be sure that your appreciation is true. Taking the short-cut won’t get you the positive results of honest appreciation.

So take this Biz-Know to heart and internalize the value of genuine appreciation for the help of others.

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As always, desire to inspire!



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