The Bird Print Dress Divine






Hello lovelies!! Just so crazy about this dress, that it found it’s way back onto the blog :) For those who know me well, I am the kind of gal who tends to go for all things neutral, beige, or even somewhat vanilla – which happens to be one of my favorite flavors! Don’t judge… But this bird print dress is just what I needed to step out of my usuals and get some color in there. The best part is that it is great to wear, winter or summer. Just pop on a warm, cozy scarf with some leggings for winter, or pair it with sandals in the summer. But of course, for winter my favorite are these Steven Madden boots with gold detail. The gold theme goes so well with this look, and I definitely would add that statement watch to seal the deal. Now, I couldn’t stay away from my neutrals completely, which is where my staple Michael Kors bag comes in. It does the perfect job of balancing out the bright colours, yet still makes it’s appearance. Don’t be afraid to be bold in your outfits this winter. It’s a great way to make you smile and can put an extra bounce in your step <3 SHOP THE LOOK: // 1. Dress // 2. Watch // 3. Boots // 4. Leggings // 5. Purse

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