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Hello Lovelies! So you probably know by now that I am a huge sushi fan!! Today on the blog I want to share with you the amazing time we had out at Azuridge Estate Hotel for their Sushi & Saki event where we got to try our hand at making our own sushi, and connecting with some incredible people along the way.

The hotel is located a few kilometers outside of Calgary in the Priddis area. It was a beautiful drive, and really felt like a mini vacation away from the city! The hotel is absolutely beautiful, with big bay windows and high ceilings, nestled away in the Alberta foothills that roll out to the Rocky Mountains. Azuridge is surrounded by 13 acres of beautiful forest and is a stunning location for any event. A true home away from home!

To start the night we all got our very own chef hat, because of course, you have to look the part! The staff at Azuridge were so much fun! They showed us how to prep the rice, and what exactly goes into making the perfect sushi rice. Our first attempt was at a California roll, topped with beautiful green roe. Next we had some fun making a selection of nigiris – salmon, tuna, and shrimp! After making as much sushi as we could, we sat down to dinner to enjoy our creations.

To start, we each received a miso soup, which was amazing!! So flavorful, and the ingredients were top notch. Next we each got our own sushi plates, plus some extra made by the hotel sushi master – just in case ours didn’t turn out so well. To drink, we had the option of warm or cold sake and I also opted for a big cup of green tea. After all the sushi was either devoured or packed away in to-go containers, we got a big plate of traditional Japanese desserts for the table. I love trying out new things!

To top it all off, my favorite of the evening, was a delicious scoop of green tea ice cream, served inside of an ice cube. Amazing! At the end of the night we were all treated to the loveliest gift bags with our very own bamboo mat and wasabi. We also got to keep our chef hats, of course! Such an incredible evening, and definitely excited to be back for a good long stay at the hotel. What is your favorite experience from Azuridge? <3 SHOP THE POST: Azuridge Estate Hotel | bebe Maxi Print Dress | H Halston Stiletto Boots | Aldo Rings
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