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Hello Lovelies! Happy Wednesday to you all :) So as some of you might know, running your own business takes hard work, sacrifice, and a lot of extra hours behind a desk. This requires energy and motivation to get it done. The last month I was so excited to discover PilotsFriend, a natural fruit tonic energy drink made with all the good stuff! It was crafted in Italy by scientists and nutritionists for active duty fighter pilots – amazing!

PilotsFriend is great for a mid-morning or afternoon burst of energy without the crash that comes with traditionally caffeinated drinks. The amazing ingredients like lemon, chokeberries, ginger and cardamom are great for helping with good digestion. PilotsFriend is a perfect substitute for your regular afternoon coffee, and is a delicious refresher! It has no artificial sweeteners, it’s vegan & non-GMO, with a natural caffeine derived from cola nuts and Guarana seeds.

The cans are so cute, and totally on-brand! Am I right?! They come with a handy little cap so you can save it for later, which is perfect for me because I can never drink a full can of anything in one sitting :P It has a great natural taste, but definitely not what you would expect from an energy drink! Super refreshing, and something I have been reaching for instead of adding anymore coffee to my day.

So often, we get to those times in the week or maybe the day when you hit that slump and think you’d rather just stay at home and catch a breather. Whether it is going to the gym, getting out to a networking event, or even just seeing old friends, sometimes even when you are tired you just have to get up and do it anyways! For me, that’s when I make the biggest breakthroughs. I get a new perspective and a whole new experience that I never would have had otherwise.

“No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, and show up.” – Regina Brett

There is always something to be learned on the other side, so find a way to be inspired, get a renewed energy, and attach every day with purpose! <3 SHOP THE POST: PilotsFriend Energy Drink | MacBook Air | Pandora Pearl Ring
Pilots-Friend MacBook-Air pandora-ring

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