It’s Okay to Ask for Help

This week I have been so overwhelmed by the “hustle” required to run your own business. Sure, there is a lot of freedom in your work-life balance, and you are working towards your own passion and goals – so there is a lot to be inspired by. However, every now and again you hit that point of complete overwhelm.

Before you know it you’ve jumped feet first into everything all at once, without stopping to consider exactly what you needed to get to your end goal, and who what going to help you get there. Then it hits you…

You don’t have to do this alone!


It is so very important to create a community of resources around you so you don’t end up drowning, stuck in it all on your own.

“No man is an island, and no woman is either!” – Carli van Heerden

From birth we depend on relationships to give life meaning and social connections are at the core of our humanity. Turning to someone can really help relieve your struggles and creates new direction for you to pursue.

Here are 3 of my tips for dealing with the overwhelm and building up your community of resources.

1. Have a mentor

This is so crucial for both your business and personal well-being. A mentor is someone to keep you accountable for all the goals you’ve set, and help you to visualize exactly how you want to achieve them. On top of this, they are also someone with an outside perspective, who can be objective when you no longer can. Having a third-party point of view from someone you trust and who has walked out your journey with you can be one of the most valuable assets to have as a business owner.

2. Ask for help

Don’t worry! There are always people who are excited to help you and are committed to seeing that you succeed. There are so many resources available to us, you just have to have the courage to venture out and ask for the help. This then becomes like a chain reaction – once you ask one person, they may lead you to someone else, and soon enough you will have all avenues covered. So don’t be ashamed to reach out. You’ll never know until you’ve asked!

3. Create a support network

In life and in business we need love and support, especially during those times of “turbulence” where we feel like we are spinning out of control. Grab a coffee with other entrepreneurs or people who have gone through the same mishaps, struggles, and breakdowns. By sharing stories you will be fuelled by each other’s experiences. Many will have already faced problems you are currently dealing with and can give you step-by-step advice to help you move past this turbulent time.

Running your own business should be one of the most exciting and challenging things in your life. So to make the most of it, ensure that you are set up for success, with the right supports in place.

This week I challenge you to take a look at your support network. Where are you lacking? And what plan can you implement to fill those gaps?

By taking this challenge early on, even if you aren’t in troubled waters yet, you will be so much more prepared when the storm hits, that you will come out on the other side, smooth sailing ahead!

Now I’d love to hear from YOU!

  1. 1. How have you created your support network, and what is the most important aspect of it to you and your business?
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As always, desire to inspire!



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