Identifying Your Core Mission

As I mentioned, Spark Ideas are short and easy business tips that have “sparked” me to make an incredible mind shift, improving my business for the better.

This week I was totally turned upside down by the realization that you don’t have to “feel” like doing something to do it. Although having your own business and being your own boss has many advantages, more times than not you have to do things you don’t always feel like doing. These small annoying tasks like checking to see if schedules are on time and replying to countless E-mails are really the nitty gritty details that will push your company to the next level.

When starting out it can feel overwhelming and can leave you somewhat flustered with where to start. However, anything in life requires hard work, and hard work pays off in the end. It’s all about the hustle! Once you start gaining some success you will be able to assign someone to do the administrative work for you, and then you can focus on doing what you love.

So how do you last through this season of extreme hard work in your business? …You need a vision supported by a mission! This is what mine looks like:

Passionate about Helping Women Unlock their True Purpose in Life, and Empowering them to Build a Successful and Prosperous Business!

On your own you can push yourself to a certain level, but if there is a pull then you can do so much greater. Your core mission will help pull you to a higher level and that drive will propel you into prosperity.

For this week I am going to write out my core mission, whether it be on a blackboard, poster, or even a sticky note. I will stick it up in my work area so I can see it always. Something like this…


Seeing other women come into their own and reach their full potential is a drive that I cannot switch off! This is why it will be such a great reminder to see it every day.

So remember, if you are committed to seeing your business succeed you have to remind yourself of why you are doing it in the first place. This will give you the stamina to serve at a higher level every time, propelling you into a successful future.

  1. Will you be joining me in this challenge? What does your core mission look like and how does it drive you to success?
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As always, desire to inspire while building a business you love!



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