Spark Idea #15: The 3 Secrets to Conquering Your Daily To-Do

Are you stuck in the to-do doldrums? Has your list grown so long that there is no end in sight any longer? Well it’s time that you take a stand. Stop trying to do it all overnight. You are only one person. So you definitely need a new strategy!

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I understand, we all love our checklists because it feels oh so good when you can check it off! But when the time runs out, and you just aren’t seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, that’s when panic can start to set it. So it’s time to be honest with yourself. How many checks can you really get in a day?

When your to-do list looks more like a grocery list, you are demotivated and less likely to even start with a positive attitude. This is where you need to realize that it is better to start with only a few of the most important tasks. Allow yourself to cut it down to only 3 (maximum 5, if it is a must!) This eliminates the overwhelm of the never-ending list and gives you time to clear your mind and regain your focus.

So often we waste our precious time on to-do list items that aren’t important. We all have a tendency do the things that are easiest first, and leave the hardest for last. This makes us even more stressed out.

Now what can you actually do to get things done?

Here are the 3 Secrets to Conquering the to-do’s.

1. Write It Down

When it’s bouncing around in your head, it’s not use to anyone. I know, this can sometimes be the hardest step because you think you’ve got it all straight in your head… wrong! Creating a visual allows you to really see what’s important, and can clear your head to get refocused.

2. Only Choose 3

As I said before, choose 3 of the most important things on that list. Taking on more than you can, even though you might be motivated, it will only cause you to feel overwhelmed once you get further along. If you feel that you are capable of more, go ahead and spread your wings. However, if you know that you struggle with the overwhelm, try this trick out for a change.

3. Celebrate with Reward Time

Then when it’s all said and done, celebrate and give yourself the free time to spend on investing in yourself. Now, this may be work, or it may be something completely different like going for a bike ride, or just sitting in the sun for a while.

I hope that you found these tips helpful! Let me know how you tackle your to-do’s in the comments below!


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