Busting the Myth of An “Overnight Success”

Have you ever just woken up one day and your dreams had become a reality? Not likely! Is it that classic “overnight success” myth that you are struggling with? Well as most of us know, an overnight success take a long time. Recently I read the book “How Will You Measure Your Life?” by Clayton Christensen and he really highlights the fact that things don’t just happen suddenly. It is a series of decisions that we make along the way the eventually creates a reality.

So often I catch myself saying things like, “I want to be one of the top influential women in the world!” or something more extravagant like, “I want to own my own private jet, and make money while I sleep.” Even if these aren’t exactly the goals you have in mind, we all have big goals that we hope to someday achieve. However, have you actually stopped to think “What am I doing today to get me closer to my goals?”

Small Decisions Have a Big Impact

This definitely sparked something in me, especially relating to what the author Clayton Christensen said, that it’s the small decisions along the way that determine the eventual reality of the situation. So what are you doing today to get closer to your goals? How are you taking small steps towards your success? For me it’s all about consistency, hard work, trying new things, and stepping out of my comfort zone.

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Consistency provides you with a reliable brand, that attracts new clients on the basis that they know what you have to offer, and they trust the results you will provide them with. Hard work is a given! Without the hustle and grind there is no way to achieve your dreams, because if you aren’t working for it, no one else will either. In order to reach a new level in your business, you have to be willing to try new things and really push yourself beyond what you are comfortable with.

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3 Step Challenge Towards Your “Overnight” Success

Now that we’ve established that our success is determined by the small, yet significant decisions we make a long the way, here are 3 steps to help you get closer to achieving your goals.

1. Shift Your Focus


Although it is a great source of motivation to look at the success stories of others, instead focus on your own story. When you stop spending your time on what others have done, you can put more energy and focus into working towards your own goals. This shift in focus will make a dramatic change towards your personal success in the long run.

2. Daily Decisions


What decisions are you making each day to get you closer to your goals? Identify these critical decisions, and write them down each day. The more critical decisions you can identify, the faster you will gain momentum towards achieving your goals. Now use these decisions as daily reminders of where you are going, and how you are choosing to get there.

3. Actionable Efforts


Now focus on real actions you can take to further your career, business, or personal growth. This means reaching out, and crossing that line of comfort you’ve set up for yourself. Achieving those big goals requires a strong support system to help you along the way. Help and guidance from others can give you the motivation to keep moving forward and turn your ideas into action.

Now over to YOU!

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