So lately I’ve just been so inspired by other successful business women that I’ve gone on a personal growth and education spree. This has involved learning more about how to establish and grow your brand, how to use social media for effective marketing, as well as growing your audience.

I am so inspired every day by all the wonderful knowledge that is available to us so freely that I am just dying to share it with you. That is why I have created Spark Ideas, which are short and easy business tips that have “sparked” me to make an incredible mind shift, improving my business for the better.

So let’s jump right in to my very Spark Idea!

Have you ever wondered why stress sneaks up so quickly, and why we just can’t seem to stop it before it hits?

Although stress is often seen as a negative, there are many positive aspects about stress. It keeps us alert and energizes us to work faster and harder.

That being said, most times the negative stress outweighs the positive… so how can we prevent this from happening? Well recently in a study the University of Minnesota they discovered that writing down all of your accomplishments at the end of the day is a beneficial way to lower stress levels. SPARK!

We so often get caught up in noting what went wrong and how we can improve it that we forget to celebrate the victories of the day…

So therefore, starting today I’ve decided to do just that! At the end of each day I will journal and reflect on the positive events that took place and why they made me feel good. By doing this I hope to reduce some of the unnecessary stress and see an increase in my productivity levels.

I hope that you will join me in this challenge and I’d love to hear about YOUR experience!

  1. Will you be joining me in this challenge? What is the first victory you will celebrate?
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As always, desire to inspire while building a business you deserve!



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    Surina Neveling

    Felt so down after my tennis game tonight! I was just thinking how bad my game was!! Thanks a lot! I will write down the successess of the day!!!

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      Carli van Heerden

      So great to hear that you were inspired by this post! It’s so important for us to celebrate our own success and focus on the positive in order to drown out the constant negativity that seems to be pushed upon us. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made – so always go for it, and be proud of how far you’ve come!

      All my love,



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    Elsabe Retief

    Quick to make my daily to-do list every morning! But you are right, I only focus on the items left uncompleted or worse, untouched! Will from now on highlight the items done instead of crossing them out. That will put a positive pretty spin on things! Thanks for the advice.

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