Hello Lovelies! What an amazing week it’s been. We took to the city to explore all the little cute spots to see what we could discover :) I love our city, the beautiful river, and the amazing atmosphere of having the mountains right in our backyard. Although it’s been much warmer these days, for some reason we had the coldest shoot to capture this look for you all! I may look like I’m having fun.. but oh how I wish you could have heard my complaining about how I was totally freezing all over! I really am not good with temperature regulation, that is for sure.

For today’s look I paired my staple faux leather leggings with a warm sweater and an amazing blanket scarf. Raise your hand if you also use your blanket scarf as a blanket sometimes… yup, that’s me!! I finished it off with my Steve Madden zip up boots, my Michael Kors purse, and of course my new favorite Kate Spade teach-savvy gloves :) These gloves are my fave, and so handy when it’s freezing! Hope everyone is getting out and enjoying the city. I highly recommend it! Just remember to stay warm and dress with Mother Winter in mind <3 SHOP THE LOOK: Faux leather H&M leggings | RW & Co Sweater (similar) | Steve Madden Boots | Michael Kors Purse | Kate Spade Gloves | Michael Kors Watch
leggings sweater boots michael kors gloves1 watch

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