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Hello Lovelies! Seems like a few days flew by since I last posted on the blog. Took a little break from the fun and creative to catch up on some important next steps and strategies for my business. Since the weather has been completely up and down, hot then cold lately, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Dermalogica products that I am using right now.

With the dry cold it is sometimes hard to keep up with your skin as it tries to adapt to the lack of moisture. Plus, with all the new year cleanses and clean eating my body has been getting rid of a lot of toxins, and although this feels great, I definitely have to stand prepared to tackle my skin!

I always, always start out with the special cleansing gel to give my skin a nice clean wash in the shower. This formula is calming and not at all harsh on my skin, which is a must! Next I follow with the skin-smoothing cream, which is amazing and so well suited for skin that is often sensitive like mine is. It gives the perfect balance of moisture and smooths out the skin.

When trouble spots come up, my two must-haves for this is the overnight clearing gel and the concealing spot treatment. The overnight clearing gel is great to put on before bed to let it work during the night while you sleep. The concealing spot treatment is a tinted breakout minimizer, which works so well as a concealer while also working to treat any troubled spots that need the extra attention.

Both of these are from the mediBac clearing system or line of products, which controls breakouts without compromising the skin’s integrity and allows you to have clearer and healthier skin overall. What are your favorites when it comes to skincare? <3 SHOP THE POST: Special Cleansing Gel | Skin Smoothing Cream | Overnight Clearing Gel | Concealing Spot Treatment | IVY Park Joggers
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