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Hello lovelies! I can’t believe Easter is already around the corner! Absolutely love Easter time and have so many amazing memories of spending time with family, doing Easter egg hunts, and of course eating way too many mini eggs :) Today I am excited to share some of the amazing Easter Collection that they have at LUSH! My room smells ahh-amazing 24/7 with all of these products, and I mean, those bathbombs are exactly what you need at the end of a long day!

Not only are all the Easter goodies so flipping cute, they are also so great to use! I am honestly so impressed. And just so by the way, their Chocolate lip scrub smells exactly like chocolate – what!!? Yes! You will definitely be tempted to eat it :P The Flopsy face wash jelly is another one of my favorite – I dare you to take the whole thing out and see what it is! Hint: they hop around and rhymes with “funny”.

Now I have to say, the golden egg is handsdown my favorite of them all. Not even sure why, and perhaps it’s just because I love gold? Be warned, it can be quite messy with all the gold glitter around, but who doesn’t love glitter? :) Literally don’t think I’ve had this much fun treating myself to home spa days in a while! Guess it will have to become a new Easter tradition! What are some of your Easter traditions? <3 SHOP THE POST: Which Came First | Golden Egg | Bunch of Carrots | Chocolate Easter Egg | Chick ‘N’ Mix | Flopsy | Chocolate | Wash Behind Your Ears
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