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Hello Lovelies! Today we are talking eyelash extensions :) I had the pleasure of being invited to Outlash Beauty Boutique to get my eyelashes done. It is the cutest boutique in the beautiful Inglewood area, and I had the absolute best time – thanks ladies!! Although this is not my first time getting them, I am so glad I did, again! This time around I was able to get the Silk 2D/3D lashes, done by the lovely Claire Mayo. With this set, it is a perfect blend of two-to-one and three-to-one silk lashes to your own. It gives you the extra volume that you need, plus the perfect curl.

Outlash was founded by Jessica Lapuz and started out as a creative outlet. After a whirlwind adventure of travel, doing lashes gave her the freedom as well as the relaxation that she needed. Jessica loves making women feel more confident in who they are, which is AMAZING! That is the absolute best feeling ever, seeing women blossom into the beautiful people they are, inside and out.

For me, getting lashes is a real treat. I love anything that enhances your already beautiful features! It really makes your eyes come alive, and it’s definitely great for always being picture ready :) The key to lasting lashes definitely lies in the application, and of course in how well you take care of your lashes afterwards. Remember that for the first 24 hours, water is a no-go! So make sure you plan your day accordingly. I am a little hardcore with my eyelash care, including my big buggy sleeping mask, brushing my lashes, and washing them with LashWash – but I wouldn’t have it any other way. You absolutely have to care for your lashes to get the most out of them and keep them looking beautiful!

Are you thinking about getting lashes? Well I am SUPER excited to give you lovelies a discount code!! Use the code “carli15” to get an amazing 15% off your next service at Outlash <3 SHOP THE POST: Outlash Beauty Boutique | LashWash Cleanser | H&M Fine-knit Jumper
OLE lash-wash H-and-m-sweater

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