How to Use Instagram Post Notifications

One of my top favourite tools to use to market and grow my business is Instagram. It is a great way to show your audience a bit of the ‘behind the scenes’ of your company, and create a much more personal customer relationship through visual marketing. Recently Instagram has introduced a brand new feature called “Post Notifications”. This allows your followers to subscribe to receive push notifications as soon as you have posted a new image or video.

This is a great new addition to Instagram as it allows your audience to instantly receive updates from your brand. It is an even better way to see content as soon as it is posted, and since not everyone checks their newsfeed all the time, this will prevent your updates from being missed. Enticing your followers to go that extra step and subscribe to your Instagram page post notifications will be really beneficial for your brand, your business, and for your relationships with your audience.

Post Notifications 101

To subscribe to post notifications for an Instagram page you simply click on the “…” menu in the top right hand corner. There it will give you the option to “Turn on Post Notifications.” This immediately enables Instagram to send you push notifications as soon as the users you follow share a new post.


2 Main Benefits For Your Business

Post notifications matters on Instagram because it gives your followers a more intimate and instant way to follow you. When they sign up they will be instantly notified of all the latest updates from your business. This allows for a new, fun, creative way to interact with your audience. The top two benefits for my business include:

Brand Growth

One of the main benefits is brand growth. Not only does this increase audience engagement, but it also ensures that they are fully connected with the ins and the outs of what your business is doing. They will be able to see products & services right away, and updates will not be missed in the feed. A more regular interaction with your brand allows your audience to create a stronger brand loyalty and a strengthened familiarity with what your company values. This is a great way to strengthen your brand as well as over all consumer perception.

Relationship Building

The second amazing benefit is an increased opportunity for deeper relationship building with your audience. This instant interaction allows you to build connections with your followers and interact on a much more visible level. The constant interaction and keeping your audience ‘in the loop’ gives you the ability to strengthen the bond that they have with your business as well as the person behind it – you! Relationship building is key when growing your brand credibility and is sure to increase your income potential in the future.

How Can You get them to subscribe?

A great way to entice your followers to take that extra step and subscribe is though a contest or giveaway. One of the most effective ways is to set up a ‘Notification Giveaway Contest” where the first 10 followers who comment on an Instagram post when it goes live will receive a prize. This can include anything from a discount code to a free e-book. It can be any type of freebie, as long as it’s something that your audience is interested in, and allows you to connect more deeply with them.

The key part about this contest is that your followers need to be subscribed to your post notifications in order to win!

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