How to Leverage Instagram Influencers to Grow Your Brand

Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about Instagram influencers, and how they hold a lot of power in the social world. So what exactly are influencers? Today’s influencers have been called the “tastemakers” of social media. In fact, they often times define the types of experiences your customers will live out and decide which products are on the top of the list to buy.

Influencers can help you to create a very authentic marketing strategy. Their organic promotion of your products to their followers can amplify your reach and be a very effective Instagram Marketing technique. Influencer marketing is key to growing your following and increasing your impact on consumer reach.

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Still not convinced?? Uncertain about whether or not these “influencers” really care about your brand? Careful selection of influencers can really boost your game, and improve your following. Recruiting and matchmaking of influencers to your brand is one of the most important aspects of running a successful influencer campaign. The best influencers for your brand are individuals who will specifically reach your target market.

Once you’ve found the perfect match, here are 4 ways in which leveraging Instagram influencers can help grow your brand:

1. Increases Your Brand Reach

Currently you already have your existing community in reach. By engaging influencers you can help expand your reach by spreading your message to a wider audience. These influencers expose your brand to an audience that has a similar “persona” as your intended target audience. The ability to reach new audiences will also enable you to build your following. Every new piece of content created by these influencers allows your brand to be discoverable by those who follow the influencer, which in turn allows you to grow you brand following.

[fancy_box id=2]Example: Village Ice Cream promotes pictures of well-known individuals popping in for a treat.[/fancy_box]

2. Targets Highly Engaged Audiences

Since these influencers are already very effective in reaching the specific target audience, they can help to introduce your brand to a very interactive audience. The higher the engagement, the greater the impact and brand growth that will result. This is again why it’s so key to find the right influencers that match your brand persona and target the audience that you are interested in reaching.

[fancy_box id=2]Example: Many brands use Snapfluence to find their perfect “match” in influencer marketing. This is a great resources to ensure a successful campaign.[/fancy_box]

3. Builds Trust and Creates Legitimacy

The authenticity of this form of promotion shows potential customers that your brand is creating value, which in turn builds trust with potential customers. It is always a great sign to new or potential customers that others are promoting your brand or products. This authentic form of advertising creates a very real perspective of your brand and allows your audience to see your brand from the eyes of the influencer. This rounded view creates legitimacy of your product or allowing new customers to form an initial relationship of trust.

[fancy_box id=2]Example: Lululemon reaches new audiences and gains new perspectives through their campaign #thesweatlife.[/fancy_box]

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4. Increases Content Creation

Influencers create quality video content to share on Instagram and they are great resources to help grow your brand. Their content works so well because it originates from individuals who have already reached your ideal target audience. Again, once you have found your influencer match, to ensure that content is in line with your marketing strategy, give influencers specified guidelines.

[fancy_box id=2]Example: Tim Horton’s leveraged influencers to promote their #TimsFreezeTag campaign by getting influencers to create content, share moments, and amp up the social conversation.[/fancy_box]

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