How to Get the Most Reach on Your Instagram Post

When building your brand on Instagram, it’s all about establishing your company’s name in the eyes of your potential clients. This can be done most effectively by increasing visibility and ensuring that your brand is definitely recognizable wherever it is seen. So how can you increase visibility? You’ve got to get more eyes on your stuff!

This is where reach comes in. In order to build traffic and draw those eyes onto your brand, you need to use your Instagram posts strategically. Below we will discuss 5 tips to increase your reach and blow up your brand recognition.

1. Strategically Use Hashtags

Hashtags are an amazing tools to improve your reach, and get more people seeing your images through searches. The hashtag creates a hyperlink that is searchable throughout the Instagram platform. Images that use the same hashtag are curated for your specific target audience, which is how you will be able to reach your niche. It is important to always use industry specific hashtags to target your ideal clients and draw traffic towards your profile. However, don’t forget to use general hashtags where necessary to include a well rounded audience.

2. Include a Call to Action

The best way to direct your audience is to provide a strong call to action. Research shows that people are more likely to act when you specifically instruct them as to what to do. When you are browsing through profiles, you are less likely to take initiative and decided what to do on your own. When provided with a clear call to action, there is an established path to take. Strong call to actions can include: “Double tap if you love this post!”, “Tag your friends”, or just asking them to answer a question. This is great for giveaways and sharing new products.

3. Provide a Link in Bio

Since Instagram does not yet allow active links within post descriptions, a great way to redirect traffic to not only your profile, but your active product, service, or article link. This increases accessibility and make it easy for interested followers to find their way to the direct link. On top of that, it also allows your audience to spend more time on your Instagram account. This again brings more eyes on your profile for a longer period of time, to increase your overall reach and exposure.

4. Tag Relevant Accounts in your Photos

This is a great tool to use when your goal is to increase exposure. When you tag brands, other accounts, or industry favourites in your posts, this not only brings them to your profile, but also draws in their followers. This boosts your visibility and puts them on their “radar”. It is a great way to build your support network and draw in a target audience that is already interested in the industry products.

5. Share on other platforms

Social share buttons are powerful tools that allow you to “kill a few birds with one stone”, so to speak. It’s a consolidated method to expand your reach when you’re already in the initial process of getting your content out. By connecting your account to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., you can target the audiences that you have already grown on these accounts. It is recommended that you post 1-2 of your Instagram posts on other platforms daily.

Now over to YOU!

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