How to Create a Striking Profile on Instagram

Why is your profile important? Your profile is the first thing viewers and potential customers see when they visit your Instagram page. If you don’t invest time and care in creating and polishing your profile, new visitors will have a hard time identifying what it is you offer and you potentially risk losing target followers.

An appealing and informative profile can engage followers and help them make the decision about how you can help them. If you neglect providing them with the information that they’re looking for, you may miss an opportunity to establish a crucial relationship.

Now that you understand why it is important to spend time crafting your profile, below we will discuss 3 key features to focus on in order to create a standout profile.

3 Features of a Standout Profile

Descriptive Bio

Your bio is like the creative introduction of yourself and your brand. Make sure that you mention why you’re worth following, what you offer, along with an unique spin of where you are able to add value. To add some visual appeal, break up the text to make it easy to read while highlighting the most important points.


[fancy_box id=”2″]Tip: To create a custom bio, write it out in a Word or Pages document first. Then copy and paste the bio into your Instagram profile.[/fancy_box]

Profile Picture

A profile picture is a visual representation of you and your brand. It is important to keep it similar across the board, meaning that you have the same picture representing all of your social media platforms. This helps to identify your brand and company. Customers can then create loyalty and it enables them to easily recognize your brand and related quality. Make sure the photo you choose truly represents you and the image you want to portray.


[fancy_box id=”2″]Tip: Book a photoshoot to build a portfolio of profile pictures that are clean and professional.[/fancy_box]

Customized URL Link

Your bio is the only place where you can post a live link on Instagram. Take some time to think about where you want to direct your traffic. This link can be to your website, other social platforms, or perhaps a blog. It is also a great way to link to new articles once they are posted, or to help promote new product launches. The great thing is that you can always change it as your business grows and new things develop.


[fancy_box id=”2″]Tip: To make your link more prominent, use the last line in your bio to specifically point towards your link.[/fancy_box]

Capitalizing on Your Live Link URL

Since this is your only live link, it is a great tool to use to re-direct traffic back to your website, product, or service. In order to make sure this is effectively done, you have to have a strong strategy in place. Here are 3 steps to follow:

  1. Create a Call to Action within your Instagram post.
  2. Use the first comment to provide background information.
  3. Provide the link in your bio to strategically direct traffic.


Call to Action:

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