How I Uncovered Clarity & Purpose In My Business

So often I hear women say that they are unclear of what their true purpose is, yet that is also their greatest desire. We all want to uncover what it is that we are really meant to do in this world, and how we can create the biggest impact in the lives of others. This is why it is so critical to take the time to discover not only what your passions are, but what strengths you possess that will help you achieve your biggest goals.

Often times we get bogged down by the description of “purpose”. What do we really mean by this? A simpler way to explain purpose is to focus on our internal strengths. We can easily recognize our strengths by simply noticing what it is that other people compliment on or thank us for. For example, if someone says, “Wow, you’re so great at listening,” then one of your strengths is listening. Or perhaps it’s giving advice on a certain topic where you have more experience.

So many times we overlook our strengths because they come so naturally to us. It’s easy to think that it is common sense, when in fact not everyone knows how to navigate through those specific situations as well as you do. Therefore it is critical to take a step back and recognize that these qualities you possess are in fact strengths that can lead you towards understanding your purpose in life and what it is you are truly passionate about.

5 Key Areas of Focus I used to Uncover Clarity & Purpose

I’ve Uncovered My Purpose… Now What? This is the start of something totally brand new! Now it is time for you to take your ideas, strengths, and abilities and let them work for you. How can you uniquely help others? In what ways can you use your strengths to make a difference in the lives of millions of people around you? These are the questions you need to start asking if you are committed to building a prosperous business, while living a life that is filled with everything you desire.

1. Be Clear on Your Message and Your Market

One of the best ways to gain clarity for yourself, is to ensure that there is clarity in your message to your audience. You have to ensure that you are accurately communicating to your potential clients what it is that you are all about, what you can provide them with, and the results you are focused on achieving. If you are confused about your message, then your audience will be too.

Another way to create a clear message is to identify what it is that you want to share, and how you plan on doing it. Really take the time to invest in uncovering exactly what it is that you want to provide your audience with. Now have you discovered who they are yet? See the article “13 Keys to Understanding Your Target Audience” to find out more. Clarity brings purpose! Know their needs, so you can fulfill them. Understand exactly what it is that you can help your clients with and then step up to the plate and deliver the results you’ve promised.

2. Immerse Your Personality and Heart into Your Business

This is how what you do truly becomes your passion and purpose all wrapped up in one. By immersing your personality and heart into the very core of your business it gives you the drive you need to push forward and reach out to that next amazing goal. When your business is built around the heart of what you are passionate about, you will be working hard every minute towards impacting as many people as possible.

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Your personality is what makes your business unique. It showcases that special something that only you have to offer, and it will get you bursting out of bed with excited for what the day in your business has to offer. By simply making it your own you will grow beyond where you ever thought was possible. This is your unique offer to the world, and it is your duty to share it!

3. Find the Perfect Hustle-Hard and Play-Fun Balance

Over-working can be just as damaging as not working at all! To find that sweet spot, you need to create a work-life balance to ensure that you are being refreshed and revitalized. This is beneficial for your overall productivity and your personal life as well – don’t neglect those personal relationships because they will save you more times than you know.

Often times we feel guilty for any time we spend on things that are not revenue generating, or that won’t bring you closer to your future goals. However, we do not realize the significant role that relaxation and de-stress time plays on our overall performance. Without that specific time set aside for rest, our creativity levels drop dramatically, and so too our motivation. Do not let guilt drive you away from self-care. Instead, take the time to invest in yourself and create opportunities to “play” and take your mind off of business for a while. After all, your focus is not only on building a profitable business, it is also to create a life that you desire. Therefore it is critical to find that balance.

4. Build Connections to Force Out Confusion and Alienation

One of the most damaging things, especially to us as women, is to become alienated in our quest for building our “empire”. It can become an extremely lonely place, with little support, which again is counterintuitive to investing in yourself and providing that critical element of self-care. Don’t focus too much on ‘selling’ and ‘expressing yourself’ and then forget to actually make a connection with your audience. It is important to focus on a true conversation and engage your audience in your business.

Some great ways to create a conversation is to find new, exciting ways to draw your potential clients in to participate in challenges or contests on social media. Through these events you can create relationships that can then lead to further investment by these audience members into your business. You can then allow them to have an input in new products to adapt your services to better suite their needs. These connections can force out the confusion of where to take your business next, and allows you to create more trust and stronger relationships with your potential clientele.

5. Study the Rules of the Game

Understanding the business and legal world is not something that should be overlooked. There is nothing more frustrating than getting half-way through a new business deal or service and realizing that you’ve missed a legal note somewhere a long the lines. This can be damaging to not only your business reputation, but your potential growth as well. To truly live out your purpose you must be well educated and versed in exactly what your business operations require, to prevent any set-backs along the way. Make sure you cover all avenues and that you educate yourself especially in your specific industry.

Of course, this is sometimes difficult to do on your own, so again it is important to build those key, valuable connections with experts who can guide you and for you to rely on when the situations gets critical. This only strengthens your pursuit towards living out your purpose, so truly ensure that you have all your basis covered. As always, to be a winner you need to play smart, understand the game and what it takes to come out on top. There will always be learning opportunities along the way, so be sure to take note of these and incorporate them into your future strategies as well.

Now over to YOU!

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