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Hello Lovelies! A little throwback on the blog today, when we had a delicious cup of coffee at Monogram downtown and did a bit of planning for the year. Check out some of the behind the scenes from this day on the vlog, Episode 13. Downtown Calgary is definitely one of my favorite places to be. Although I love going hiking or getting away to a remote cabin for the weekend, I am much more of a city girl. The hustle and bustle, and big towering buildings can keep me captivated for hours.

So often we let a lot of time go by, and the when you actually stop to reflect you almost wonder, “Why am I even here?” Don’t settle for less than you desire, because after all, you always have a choice. If you’d rather be living on the beach, or on a beautiful acreage outside of the city, work hard and consciously make decisions every single day to get you closer to that piece of paradise you are dreaming of. Don’t let life pass you by and wake up one day not knowing why you didn’t pursue any of those dreams to begin with.

That’s exactly why I make a point of exploring the city, getting downtown as often as I can, and checking out all the latest and greatest spots! Of course, I’ve got my Ralph Lauren coat on and a pair of my favorite Talula leggings. I also threw on my Wilfred blanket scarf from Aritzia, because when we are stopping in at place I’m never certain whether or not it will be chilly – which is why I always come prepared :) Whenever we spend time working in coffee shops, I switch out my mini Kate Spade for this spacious Aldo purse so I can fit in my laptop, hard drive, S’well water bottle, and a notebook to boot! Fitting it all in is key, and the only way I work and travel. What are your work and travel essentials and what are you doing each day to get closer to your goals? <3 SHOP THE LOOK: Ralph Lauren Coat | Kate Spade Gloves | Talula Leggings | Wilfred Blanket Scarf | Aldo Booties
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