Hello my loves! For those of you following along on my Insta-stories, you well know how much I love cooking, trying new food creations, and working on presentation #majorfoodie! Today I am excited to share this incredible chicken salad wrap recipe by trainer, BreeAnn Cox, from Body by Bree. I am in week four of working with Bree, who has helped me get the perfect meal plan to guide me on my health and wellness journey. She worked with me to create the best plan for my body, my goals, and my training in the gym. My meal plan was tailored to the foods I like, including fun new recipes to try with a breakdown of exactly what to eat for each meal to learn my macros. Bree’s Chicken Salad Wrap is one of my go-to lunches using an Ezekiel tortilla wrap (28g), 5 oz shredded chicken, 38.5 g chopped Granny Smith green apple, 2 oz sliced avocado, 1/2 oz of almonds, mixed with 2 oz 0% plain Greek yogurt to top it off. Greek yogurt is a great substitute for salad dressing, giving you amazing flavor and eliminating any unnecessary fat and it is still high in protein. Healthy eating is delicious! The key is knowing your portions and keeping track of your daily macros <3

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