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Hello Lovelies, and happy Tuesday to you all! Over here on my side I have been thee busiest of all time, trying to make sure all the client work is done, and then squeezing in some me time in between it all. But I have to say, I’m loving every minute of it! It feels great to focus on working towards my goals, and really getting to apply it to all areas of my life. My biggest thing of all is to stay hydrated during the day. I have my big ol’ Starbucks cup basically permanently glued to my desk so I can get in as much water as possible!

Today I wanted to share another little something that I keep at my desk! For my birthday a little while ago I got the at your desk Remedy Bar by Saje Natural Wellness from my dear friend, Sarah, and it is absolutely amazing! It is a combo of their three most supportive remedies to make the most of your work day. They are specifically picked for the Remedy bar to focus your mind, ease any tension, and set the tone for a healthy, happy, & productive day! Since I haven’t really been the essential oils go-to gal, this little bar has been a great introduction to some of the most applicable to my everyday life.

The first is the stress release, which is a blend of lavender (my fave!), orange, chamomile, and vetiver. It works well for inducing relaxation and these essential oils are known for the stress relieving, soothing, qualities. Next is the eater’s digest, which is honestly the first one I tried. I have been actively working to heal my gut health recently, so the peppermint and fennel essential oils in this one are great for soothing discomfort and supporting healthy digestive function – and who wouldn’t want that, right? Finally, there is the quick study, which helps with mental alertness and clarity. Although I’m no longer a student, late nights at my desk definitely call for a little extra help concentrating! This is for sure the one I have been using most. What have you been loving from Saje, and what should I try next? <3 SHOP THE POST: Saje Remedy Bar | Saje stress release | Saje eater’s digest | Saje quick study |Off the Shoulder Blouse | Pandora Pearl Ring
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