9 Habits of Perpetually Positive Women

Have you ever wondered how some people manage always to see the silver lining in situations? When everything has gone wrong, they still have a skip in their step and are still roaring to attack the day with enthusiasm. What is it about these women that’s given them such drive or such a happy-go-lucky mood? Is it magic? Have they discovered some secret that they’re not sharing with the world?

Actually, it’s not a secret at all. The key lies within the application of a positive mind set. These women engage in behaviours that reinforce positive thinking, and eliminates the negative frame-of-mind. Positive individuals don’t focus on the “potholes” in their life. Instead, they live for the pot of gold that awaits them everyday. When you repetitively shift your focus towards being grateful for what you have, and choosing to see the positive, there is nothing standing in your way of have a great day every day!

So what are these behaviours, and how can you implement them in your business today?

1. Have Self-Reflection Time

Learning to self-reflect is an important and healthy way to deal with the stress and anxiety that life can sometimes throw our way. Activities such as exercise, journaling, or just taking time out or your day to think about how you are feeling can help to clear your mind and foster a more positive attitude throughout the day. This clarity can help you to navigate much more easily through life’s daily frustrations. When it’s out of your head and onto paper, you can start to shift your “frenzy” into a workable action plan. This plan gives you a renewed sense of motivation, which also promotes positivity.

2. Channel Positivity in the Face of a Challenge

Cultivating a positive mindset is not only beneficially for daily life, but it can also help you to take on life’s challenges with a much greater resilience. The key is to focus on what you can do instead of what you can’t. Allowing yourself to be energized by the possibilities creates and stimulates positive thinking towards actionable goals. It is also important to remind yourself that there is no perfect answer and to be confident that there are many solutions and many possibilities. This positive mindset will help you overcome your challenges at a much faster rate than if you were to let the negativity overwhelm you instead.

3. Embrace the Negative

There is always time for great pain and sadness – that is life. Instead of letting it overcome you, see the trails and challenges as significant events that mould you into the person you are today

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Be grateful for the lessons that you learn, because unfortunately, no one is immune to life. The key is to stay grounded in reality, but to always maintain a positive outlook. Approach challenges head on, bearing in mind that you’ve made it through difficulties before, and you sure as heck can do it again!

4. Be Kind to Yourself

You cannot rely on external affirmations! You need to believe in yourself first before anything else can fall into place. When you are kind to yourself, you are one step ahead of most women out there. Always remind yourself that you deserve kindness and respect, especially from yourself. Remember that the inner critic can be your biggest enemy, and that those negative words only carry strength if you allow them to. Instead, allow yourself to live an empowered life. Positive individuals have learned to embrace themselves exactly as they are. This self-acceptance is critical to creating a happier life.

5. Plan for Life’s Surprises

We all know that life’s not perfect. So when you plan for, or expect things to go haywire every now and then, they will not have the power to overthrow your whole day. Therefore it is important to plan for unexpected mishaps, so that when they come you are prepared to face them. And if they don’t show up, all the better! This mental preparedness can allow you to stimulate a positive mindset no matter what the outcome.

6. Celebrate the Small Wins

Smile often and celebrate your victories. Positive people allow big achievement and small victories the same weight. This prevents any significant success from going unnoticed, and allows you to constantly be fostering a positivity mindset. Most positive people also use this as a way to be kind to yourself, and give yourself the recognition you deserve. This is also a great way to stay positive and motivated to move on to the next challenge.

7. Remove Negative Relationships & Influences

Don’t let fear interfere with your life. Surround yourself with positive people who can motivate you and support you in achieving your life goals. When running a full time business and balancing that with a healthy lifestyle, it is important to have to supports in place. Friend, colleagues, and even family members how can empower you and allow you to pursue your passions is one of the key way to keep a positive mindset. And remember, you become like those you surround yourself with, so choose carefully and monitor the influences that you allow into your life.

8. Don’t Linger on the Past

When pursuing a postive mindset it is critical to move on from the past, let the memories be where they are, and don’t spend to much time “pining for the good old days”. Positive people don’t live with regrets or worry about the past because they are too busy making new memories and finding new ways to excel. The negative reminders from the past should not be used for unproductive regret, but rather “productive regret” where you utilize the lessons you learned as a stepping stone towards a better future.

9. Understand the Big Picture

Positive people constantly remind themselves to gain perspective and consider the bigger picture. When you are so focused on one aspect of your life or current situation, you have a hard time seeing how the challenge fits into the grand scheme of things. To foster a positive mindset it is so critical to take a step back, understand how each event can enable you to grow, and how you can build on that growth to launch you into the next level of success.

Now over to YOU!

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