7 Ways to Use Periscope to Grow Your Business

The world of live-streaming has taken the industry by storm. Periscope has been an instant hit and has become a critical tool in expanding your online reach and promoting your brand to a whole new audience.

What is Periscope you say?

Periscope is a wildly popular live streaming app that allows you to connect with your audience in real time. Not only do you get to talk to your followers live, but they can also interact with you by asking questions, giving you hearts, and sharing the broadcast with their followers.

What do I stream about?

The type of content shared ranges from anything to everything. You are limited only by your imagination and Periscope can be used by any type of business.

So how can you use Periscope to grow your business? Here are 7 tips to help guide you through the process!

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1. Behind the Scenes

To create an even more personal connection with your audience, take them behind the scenes in your company, business, or lifestyle. For example, if you are an author, share an update about your upcoming book launch, specific events to look forward to, or special offers on book sales. Another great way to go behind the scenes is for podcasting or video production. During the production and recording process, scope in your audience to show them how it works and give them a sneak peek of what is to come!

2. Product Demonstrations

Interactive product demonstrations is an absolutely great way to get your audience involved with the use of the product and the results that it will give them. It is also really helpful for new users or potential customers to get their questions answered when making the decision to purchase. It is a great way to showcase the product and the benefits that it can bring. This is also an excellent way to get immediate feedback from direct users during the development process.

3. Connecting with Influencers

Periscope provides a great platform to meet new people, and connect with the influencers within your industry. To get noticed it is important to show up regularly, tune in to scopes of influencers in your niche, provide insightful comment and ask intelligent questions. This can also be a way to develop deeper relationships with influencers you’ve met in person.

[fancy_box id=2]*Tip: Turn on push notifications for the influencers you want to connect with.[/fancy_box]

4. Creating New Content

New content is always a great idea to build your brand because after all, content is king! Periscope provides a great medium to share new content and enables you to create a personal connection with your audience. It ensures that you deliver a clear message that can be repurposed on other social media channels.

[fancy_box id=2]*Tip: Save videos from each scope, edit and repurpose for your audience to watch again later.[/fancy_box]

5. Growing Your Audience

Periscope provides you with a large opportunity to get in touch with new clients, customers, and followers. Live-streaming extends beyond your usual channels as anyone on the web is able to watch your broadcast. During the scope it is key to ask viewers to sign up for your mailing list. Provide them with an opt-in freebie, and ask viewers to invite their followers and share the broadcast.

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6. Live Group Support and Q&A Sessions

Live streaming allows you to touch base with your clients in a much more informal setting. Although webinars are usually great for providing similar information, the time and planning that goes into them does not allow for the raw connection and support you can provide on a live stream. Often times when a new product or service is launched, customers need your hands-on input to answer their pressing questions, which can be easily addressed through a live group support session.

[fancy_box id=2]*Tip: For a higher engagement and turnout, announce your periscope session on social media before going live.[/fancy_box]

7. Announcing a Flash Sales and Product Giveaways

A great way to reward Periscope viewers for tuning in and engaging with you is to offer them a “viewer-only” discount code for flash sales. This will create the scarcity factor and drive traffic to your site. Viewers will be delighted to be the first to hear about these deals and will gladly engage with your broadcast. Another great example is to have viewer competitions. Many periscopers have given away products for free to viewers who give the most hearts during the broadcasts. This is a fun way to engage the audience and to reward viewers with a gift and added value.

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