Top 10 Habits of Highly Successful Women and How I Use Them in My Business

The amazing women of this world have such a natural way of seeking out their purpose, being true to who they are, and never quitting until they have impacted as many lives as possible. Many of us dream to be able to achieve this with our lives. After all, we’ve all been given one life to life, so making it the best it can be becomes a top priority to us all!

As times have slowly started changing, there is so much more potential for women to become successful, to be empowered, and to create a life they’ve always desired. However, carving out that unique place for yourself takes immense hard work and even more perseverance. I’m sure you’ve heard the quote by John C. Maxwell,

“Dreams don’t work unless you do.” – click to tweet

Well that’s exactly right. Achieving your goals and reaching success is all about creating habits to support the hard work needed to go beyond what has ever been expected of you. A strong habit can determine the outcome of your process, and can completely change your mindset to empower you to reach your goals.

So what exactly are these habits? Well there are so many that we can pull out of the top women in business, like Sheryl Sandberg, Melissa Meyers, Marie Forleo, and many, many more. However, here are my top 10 that I’ve found to be most profound, and most crucial to achieving that success you are reaching for.

1. Understanding How You Want to Feel

This habit includes the very important aspect of reconnecting with yourself. In order to achieve your ultimate goals, you need to understand what it truly is that you are aiming to do. You need to become very clear about how you want to feel doubt not only yourself, but your purpose in life and the mission you’ve set out to achieve. What is it that you want to accomplish through your work and what will drive you to reach these goals? And this does not need to be a complicated idea – it can be as simple as wanting to equip and empower other women to find their purpose. If it is truly what you are driven to do, it will bring a sense of fulfillment to your life. Clarity about your “why”, who you are, and what you are aiming to do can become a powerful tool in putting you on the right track towards making an impact and reaching your goals.

2. Being Consistent

Consistency is key. This goes for everything from content creation, establishing routines, setting boundaries, and ensuring for a healthy work-life balance. When first starting a business it can be hard to keep your motivation up when your audience is still small, but this is where consistency and hard work comes in. You need to get up every day and stay true to what you’ve set out to achieve. For example, if you said you were going to send out a weekly newsletter, then you better make sure to send it out every week. Or perhaps you promised to create a video for your audience each month – then be consistent and produce a video each month. This is all part of the growth process, and your consistency and dedication will be what pays off in the end.

3. Recognizing Excuses as Fears

We are so quick to come up with excuses for why we haven’t completed our projects, how the circumstances have affected us, and even blaming others for our lack of performance. What e don’t realize is that most often times, all of these excuses we cloud our minds with are actually our inner fears. Recognizing that you fears are being disguised as excuses can help you to identify why the root of your stumbling blocks, and lead you towards a solution. For example, many women struggle with Imposter Syndrome where they think they are not good enough or qualified enough to be doing their jobs. This leads to excuses of why you shouldn’t be there, or how you shouldn’t even bother with it – but we mustn’t fall trap to this. Face your fears of not being good enough, and push past your comfort zone to truly start living the life you deserve.

4. Crafting Your Personal Brand

Whether you like it or now, first impressions have such a big impact on how people perceive you. In business we so often get the chance to introduce ourselves for the first time to someone at a networking event, when joining a new community, or simply taking on a new client. Another part of crafting your personal brand is by making it unique to the market. Often times we fall trap to the thought of, “Oh it’s already been done before,” but if you add your personal touch then there is no one out there who can produce the exact same value. This makes it completely unique. It is so important to design your job in such a way that you work to live, where what you love overlaps with what you’re working on. This brings so much of your personal brand into play, allowing you to create a life that is filled with everything you desire and a business that is powerfully successful.

5. Being Confident and Sticking to Your Guns

Empowered women exude confidence in all aspects of their lives. They face their never-ending fears head-on, only to grow their confidence even more. This cycle of growth continues throughout your journey towards success, and the outcome is determined by how hard you are willing to fight to build up your confidence. It is so critical to believe in yourself, even if no one else will. If you believe in yourself, you’ve already gone further than most and confidence is sure to follow. The other side of confidence is trusting your gut and following through with your decisions. Follow through can be the difference between a sale and a lost customer. When you fail to follow through on your decisions, it becomes easier for other to doubt you, which can be so very damaging to your overall confidence. So therefore it is important to follow through in all aspects of your life, again creating that consistency which will pay of handsomely in the end.

6. Dining with Girlfriends, Often

This habit is so much more than just a dinner here, or a coffee there. It is about self-care, and the importance of ensuring that you nurture yourself to be the best in all aspects of your life. This is so crucial, especially for women. We face high demands from having a career, keeping a home, and helping out family and friends. In order to meet these demands and still be successful you need to understand how important it is to have a healthy outlet for your thoughts and to just recharge with a good one-on-on or a fun time out with the girls. Isolating yourself behind your work creates an unhealthy place of loneliness that has detrimental affects on your overall well-being. You need to reach out to others as part of your self-care, to maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Don’t let yourself be neglect. Take care of every aspect of your life in order to most effectively take care of your business.

7. Monitoring Your Thoughts & Emotions

Often times we get so trapped by self-limiting beliefs, which prevent us from achieving exactly what we set out to. You need to constantly monitor your thoughts, take them captive, and make sure that they are in line with what you truly believe about yourself and your capabilities. This helps to prevent those self-limiting thought from taking root and being formed into misguided and damaging beliefs about ourselves. The other side of this is to understand and monitor your emotions as well. There is a delicate balance between being passionate about your purpose, yet still having an objectivity about it as well. It is important to take a step back and re-evaluate to curb those negative emotions and prevent yourself from going into a downward spiral. Staying aware and completely in touch with how you feel is important so you can assess where you need support, and when it is time to take an objective standpoint to your business and life.

8. Finding a Mentor or Community

Having a mentor is such an important aspect of being successful and creating the life you’ve always dreamed of. A mentor adds so much value to your growth and is someone who can truly challenge you to push your limits, and can keep you accountable in all facets of your business and life. It is also a great way to maintain that objectivity we previously discussed, while also allowing self-honesty to lead the way. In addition to this, it is also so very crucial to build up and create a network of community to support you. It is okay to ask for help, and in fact, in order to achieve great success it is also critical to have the right supports in place. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who share similar dreams and goals allows you to be challenged to grow and offers you support as you continue through your journey. In addition to valuable support, communities also provide you with the chance to help others. Helping others is just as important as asking them to help you. Together this creates a powerful network to guide you as you move and grow towards achieving your goals.

9. Celebrating your Accomplishments Monthly

So often we get stuck on our failures, and what we did wrong, or where we messed up. However, to be truly successful you need to focus on your strengths. This helps you to again, curb those self-limiting beliefs and remove the self-doubt. Failures are exceptional learning experiences and stepping stones towards achieving your ultimate goals. However, the focus should not be on what the failure was, but instead on how you have recovered and what you went on to achieve next. Therefore, celebrating your accomplishments allows you to re-focus your attention towards your success and away from anything that will cause you to stumble. Celebrating these milestones is also a great way to keep you on track towards achieving your goals. It allows you the opportunity to recognize your victory and look back to see just how far you’ve already come. This can be a powerful reminder and motivator for success.

10. Evolving Every Day

Another crucial habit for success is not to get stuck in the every day ordinary. You can only withdraw what you deposit, so you need to continuously soak up the knowledge around you, you need to always be learning, and constantly be maintaining your skill set to the best of your abilities. Recognizing market trends is also vital for success. It allows you to respond to changing client needs, it keeps your content fresh, and increases engagement with your brand. No one ever achieved anything great by remaining exactly where they are. Becoming stagnant can be very damaging, so don’t forget to always stay informed, be willing to adapt, and incorporate flexibility into both your business and your life.

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As Aristotle once said,

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – click to tweet

We must all make the decision to create these habits for success. All it takes is perseverance, dedication, and an unwavering sense of who you truly are. Success is a mindset and it’s up to you to choose it!

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