The Power of Following Up for Growing Your Business

Whether it’s client relationships or building a community of supporters, following up with new connections is the secret to building successful, strong, and lasting relationships. We are constantly reminded of how important it is to network and build connections, yet so many people completely neglect the follow up. There are several reasons why this may be the case: perhaps they don’t want to seem pushy, or maybe they just simply forgot.

Following up with customers and clients can be one of the most powerful business actions to take. Once mastered, it can be an essential key to success and the difference between a returning client and no sale at all. The same truth holds for building strong, supportive networks. You are able to accomplish so much more and reach so many more people when you have a strong community built up around you.

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Importance of the Follow Up

Serves as a Reminder

People lead busy lives and don’t always remember to follow up, as mentioned, if they did, this article would not exist! The follow-up adds more value to the product or service and also provides you with the opportunity to build a relationship that could eventually lead to repeat sales or new client referrals. A regular follow up routine can lead to more repeat business and increased sales.

This is also true for building new connections. When networking you often meet a lot people at once, and without a follow up the names and faces can easily get lost in a crowd. Lasting relationships are built on trust and multiple encounters. The follow up provides a great platform to remind a new connection of who you are and establish another opportunity to extend the relationship.

Shows Appreciation

The follow-up call makes your client feel special and tells them that you’ve kept them at the front of your mind. When you feel appreciated you are more likely to pursue the connection as well. This may increase sales, and create loyal customers. The goodwill that is created leaves a positive impression on the client, and they will go on to provide exemplary reviews of your product or service.

This again can be applied to networking opportunities. A simple thank you for reaching out can make a world of difference in a new working relationship. Appreciation can also be shown for others who share your products or even for following you on Social Media. When care is taken to show genuine gratitude, lasting relationships are created.

Creates Trust

When you follow up after a sale has been made or after you’ve already gained from the transaction, your care shows the customer that you are truly interested in seeing their satisfaction with their purchase. When you no longer have anything to gain but a relationship, trust is created between your brand and the client.

When building your network, it is also important to create trust in your relationships. When others see that you are genuinely interested in providing them with help and support they are more likely to open up and foster the growing relationship. This creates a safe environment within the relationship to share and get valuable feedback for growth.

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Tips to Follow Up

1. Set Up Systems

Create automated reminders for each new client or networking connection. Include what the clients interests were or where you met them. Another great tool is to use scheduled emails that are personalized before adding automation.

2. Personalize Your Communication

Personalized communication allows a true relationship to form and establishes a two-way street. Your personal story and authentic interaction offers true value to the person on the receiving end of the follow up. Although automation is a great way to remember to reach out, it is more important to make it personal.

Now over to YOU!


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