The Importance of Looking Back To Appreciate the Journey

Often times I find myself swept away and caught up in the busy schedule that is life. I am always planning out my goals, working through my to-do lists, and brainstorming new ideas to further grow my business. This creates a sort of ‘whirl wind’ of excitement and a constant flow where sometimes the days start to blend together and you wonder what you’ve done with them all.

When building and growing a profitable business it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. When you are wrapped up in those whole process of connecting with your audience and increasing your client base you can often lose sight of how far you’ve come. Many times the negativity comes in and just because you haven’t reached your big, ultimate goals yet, the feeling of failure sinks in.

It’s not until you hear from a third party just how impressed they are with your progress and how much you’ve accomplished that you realize just how much your hard work has paid off. This just reminded me how valuable it is to take the outside perspective of your journey into consideration and not to forget how far you’ve come.

3 Steps To Appreciating Your Progress to Success

When you’ve started to believe that you’re stuck in a rut, not growing, and not improving yourself or your business it can be very demotivating. So how exactly can you ensure that you don’t get caught up in the whirl-wind and forget to notice how much you’ve grown? To avoid this loss of motivation, here are 3 key steps to follow.

1. Take a Time-Out

The first step is to just stop, to gain perspective and take an outside look at your business and your life. Reflecting on where you currently are is a great place to start. Then trace your steps back to the start and pinpoint the contrasts you notice from where you were, to where you are now. Now, identify the habits, tools, and people that have helped you get there. These are so critical in your journey towards building a business and career that you love. It is the perfect ‘tool box’ to help not only yourself, but to guide others who are taking a similar journey. This self-reflection is a great way to keep yourself accountable and to reassess exactly what has helped you to improve and grow.

2. Analyze Your Metrics

Measurable are the best way to see just exactly how much you’ve grown. Statistics can not only show you where you’ve excelled, but can also point out areas that require improvement, which can focus your goals for the next stage of growth. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all progress is explicitly visible. Sometimes our most important transitions from of growth come from personal experiences or individual victories. These are most evident to those closest to you, so don’t forget to seek advice and guidance from mentors throughout your journey to success.

3. Celebrate Your Wins

Celebrating even the smallest victories helps to refocus you on your progress fuels your motivation towards success. These milestones that you reach represent the progress that you’ve made, and that’s what we want to celebrate. These celebrations empower us and equip us to know that we can achieve what we’ve set out to do, and with hard work and dedication it is possible! So don’t forget to celebrate yourself. When you’ve worked hard and put in the extra hustle, and one day you’ll look back and smile at just how far you’ve come.

Now over to YOU!

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