Sushi Making, Birthday Party Fun!

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Hello Lovelies! This amazing fun evening has finally found its way onto the blog :) Just a little throwback to I got together a group of ladies to celebrate the lovely Rachel’s birthday! We had an incredible time learning how to make sushi at Goro+Gun Japanese Noodlebar. It was such a fun idea, and the staff were absolutely great even with such a big group. We each got a plate filled with all the goodies to put in the different rolls. We got to make three different rolls per person, and then they took it away to style it oh so neat and tidy for us! It was delicious in the end, and we were all quite happy with our creations. Sushi-making is easy when you’ve got the professionals showing you how. Can’t wait to try it out again, or even give the homemade adventure another try! Enjoy lovelies and if you’re a sushi lover, definitely give this a try! <3

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