summer chickpea salad










Happy Tuesday loves! As some of you may know, I am an absolute sucker for creative & fresh salads :) This summer I have been having the most fun coming up with new creations and trying out different tastes. Because my day is usually stacked with the classic work, work, work, work, work… I love just throwing a salad together for lunch because it’s quick and easy. One of my favorites has been this summer chickpea salad, which I am excited to share with you all today. Mediterranean cuisine is for sure one of my top favorites, so this tasty salad definitely makes the cut! The best thing about this one is there is so much room for variation and different flavors, depending on the mood of the day :p Hope you enjoy <3 // what you’ll need: + 1/2 avocado + a wedge of lemon + grape tomatos + 1-2 hardboiled eggs + mixed greens + alfalfa sprouts + 1/4 can chickpeas + cheese + balsamic glaze // what you do: + grill chickpeas in olive oil + add mixed greens in salad bowl + layer alfalfa sprouts, grape tomatoes and avocado + top with chickpeas + add a squeeze of lemon + salt & pepper to taste + top with sliced egg & cheese + drizzle with balsamic glaze

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