Morning lovelies! I am so excited to tell you about my white sneaks today. I have been absolutely bugging my husband about how much I wanted some white shoes for the cooler summer days that we’ve been having. These Tommy Hilfiger’s were such a perfect find. The great thing about white sneakers are that they go with pretty much anything you can think of! Tired of the summer dress/sandal combo? Swap the sandals out for white sneakers to switch up your look and get a more modern edge. My absolutely favorite is throwing them on with a pair of classic blue jeans that are fitted and slightly cropped at the ankle. With all the summer events going on like Canada Day fireworks by the river, Stampede breakfasts, and food truck festivals we have been doing a whole lot of walking in downtown YYC. So it’s definitely a bonus that these sneakers are not only a fun fashion statement, but comfortable walking shoes to boot. Hard to pass up such a comfortable and versatile style. Guess you can say that I am obsessed, and I will be crossing my fingers hoping that this it is here to stay for a while. So if you’re going to jump on board with this trend, make sure to stay creative and look for different ways to make it work with your wardrobe! Hugs & love Xo


.// sneakers here .// blanket throw here

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