7 Things I Do to be More Confident


In life, there is little that can stop you if you have CONFIDENCE! I absolutely love observing some of the most successful people and seeing how they carry themselves. They walk into a room and there is just such a presence. You notice them right away and think, “Wow, they are so confident it shines through them! They’re not even afraid of anything.”

Now I’ve been told the very same thing about myself. Someone recently asked me, “Do you ever notice how everyone stops for a second when you walk into a room? You really have such a confidence about you.”


The Phuket Feeling

Marriage, Travel

Ahh Phuket! Now this is more like it!! After our stay in Bangkok we booked a flight straight to Phuket in search of sun and sand… and that’s exactly what we found.

I was so excited to be back at the beach again that I couldn’t even contain myself! We booked into our hotel, and went straight down to the water. At first we bought an ice cold pint of beer, which came in a glass that was literally frozen on the outside. As we sat there with our feet in the sand, we drank in every moment and watched as the ice slowly melted off the glass.


Honeymoon Part II

Marriage, Travel

From South Africa to Thailand… I don’t even know where to begin!!

These past few weeks have been incredible, adventurous, and way out of my comfort zone. We left South Africa with nothing but a suitcase and a backpack each – our entire lives in one place, ready to be moved. Although this isn’t the first time I’ve done the “moving countries” thing, the feeling never changes!


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