One Quick Tip to Boost Your Traffic with Instagram

Wondering how to use Instagram effectively to grow your business? Haven’t had time to map out your strategic Instagram marketing plan? Well it’s time to get started!

Instagram is a great way to help you promote your products or services, generate more leads, and actively engage your audience. Through creative imagery you can captivate your followers and allow them to see the authenticity of your brand.

As social media users demand more visual content, it is important to effectively use your Instagram platform to share photos and videos that will visually engage your customers to grow with your brand.

So how can you boost traffic and guarantee results? Use clear calls to action on your Instagram posts. To actively engage your followers, clarify the message you want to send to them. Provide them with specific, actionable steps to guide them towards your website.

3 Tips to Create Effective Calls to Action

Each photo provides the opportunity to encourage your followers to take action. There is valuable written space in every post that should be used to descriptively deliver the message.

1. In Your Link

A link can be added to your “location” on the post. This is done by editing the photo after you’ve posted it, and creating a custom link to direct followers. Although the link is not active, it is a great visual directive call to action for your audience.


2. Overlay On the Photo

Whether you’re promoting products, sharing tips, or just branding a pic, this is a great way to ensure that followers don’t miss your message. Use tools like Photoshop, Powerpoint, or websites like Canva or PicMonkey to create text for your images before you post them on Instagram.


3. In the Text

Always use the post caption to include your specific call to action. Remember, the message in the text should not repeat the message, but instead it should enhance it. Whatever your call to action, make sure that it is clear and valuable to your audience.



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