Hello Lovelies! It’s Throwback Thursday on the blog today! On our travels to South Africa earlier this year, the first place we stopped in with the family was Old Town Italy in Pretoria. Ah, we had such a great time!! The whole vibe of the place is amazing, with a bit of a market feel to one side, the restaurant on the other, and just such a simple, slow-paced way of life. They definitely portray a time when everything ran by a much more romantic set of values.. a time when a visit to your local grocery store was more of a social event than a chore, where the butcher knew your preferences, and the baker greeted you by name. Love it!

Since there is usually a wait, we started out at their wrap-around bar, trying drinks by recommendation – amazing! It wasn’t long before we got to sit at our table, in a big bay window, enjoying the classic old-town feel. We had everything from a warm quinoa salad, to calamari, to steak, pasta, and my favorite, the fresh beet summer salad! Of course, we started it all off with a fresh bread basket, with olive oil and balsamic to dip. Such an incredible day, and I love being able to look back at these precious memories together with family! <3 SHOP THE POST: Old Town Italy Market | H&M Basic Top (Similar) | Distressed Jeans | Grey Bomber Jacket (Similar)
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