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Hello lovelies! Excited to share today’s blog with you all! Just as much as a love getting dolled up and all dressed up, washing it all off at the end of the day is an absolute must for me. When I was younger I often reasoned my way out of washing my face in the evenings, because I mean, who is ever in the mood?! However, somewhere along the line I got a newsflash!! Washing your face at the end of the day not only removes your make-up, but it also washes off the dust and dirt from your entire day. When you think about it, your face definitely gets around! So yes, it is a must. No need to be walking around with the dirt of the day any longer, now is there?

That said, there are a few things that I cannot live without, and one of those is my absolute favorite makeup remover from the Shoppers Drug Mart exclusive Quo brand. These little pink pockets are a lifesaver! They are the perfect eye make-up remover pads, great for travel and perfectly removes while being gentle on the skin. To go hand-in-hand with the mini pouches, is the full-face makeup remover wipes. These are a great pairing to clear off the rest of your face. Plus, they are often offered in a duo-pack option so keep your eyes pealed!

Another one of my favorite is the Take the Day Off remover from Clinique. I always seem to need a little extra to remove my eyeliner and get it completely clean. This Clinique remover is perfectly designed for lids, lashes, and lips so it definitely gets the job done. (Keep in mind, if you have eyelash extensions on, always go for the oil-free option otherwise it will tend to lift away the glue from the lashes as well.)

What are some of your favorites? Would love to hear your thoughts! <3 SHOP THE POST: Quo Mini-Remover Pads | Quo Facial Wipes | Quo Duo-Pack Remover | Clinique Makeup Remover
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