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Hello lovelies, and happy Monday to you all! As many of you may know, breakfast is one of my favorite meals, ever :D Lately I have been working hard to heal my gut and make it happy again. This meant cutting out dairy, wheat, and even eggs! This is definitely a big change for me, since those are my favorite components of a yummy breakfast!! No more eggs Benny, and no more yummy greek yogurt granola bowls for a while!

Now since I am not so in tune with all the amazing alternatives that a vegan lifestyle has to offer, I really had to do a little digging to reinvent some of my all-time breakfast favorites. Today I want to share my version of a dairy-free, gluten free yogurt bowl option. It’s delicious, nutritious, and there are a few tricks to get a bit of extra protein added to boot!

All you’ll need is your favorite flavor of Daiya greek yogurt alternative, top it with some berries, sliced banana, pumpkin seeds, and dried cranberries. Next, I added some gluten free PURE Granola – the apricots and seeds flavor! Go ahead and add a little bit of your favorite nut butter as well for a little treat. Finally, I added half a Luna Bar to give the bowl a little extra protein kick. What are you favorite breakfast bowls? <3 SHOP THE POST: Daiya Yogurt Alternative | Co-op PURE Granola | Caramel Walnut Luna Bar | IKEA Bowl
daiya-yogurt pure-granola luna-bar2 ikea-bowl

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