How to Successfully Be the Face of Your Company

For most entrepreneurs, the essence of running a business is a very personal endeavour. This sparked the idea in me or how to ensure that, as a women in business, I am accurately and elegantly portraying the face of my company.

Self-branding is growing in the business world and helps companies to stand out among the vast sea of competitors out there. Becoming your brand ambassador enables you to embody your passion, which in turn helps you to get noticed. People can relate to you, and therefore relate to what it is that you do. Promoting your own involvement in the company provides you with a huge marketing advantage that you can leverage to strengthen relationships and increase your brand reach.

So you may wonder: Why should I even become the face of my company? From my experience, the part of why you start the business in the first place is that you were passionate about something. This “why” or this passion drives you to work endless hours and make big scary decisions all to see your company reach new heights. And this is exactly the type of passion that people want to see. This has sparked me to outline 3 key elements to successfully becoming the face of your company:

1. Craft Your Story

Shaping the brand around you means capturing your story. Why did you start? Where do you want to go in the future? What drives you and motivates you daily? Your personal experience is what your clients will be able to relate to, strengthening that relationship you already have.

As a personal example, my story is created around my desire to inspire women to uncover their purpose. My passion is fuelled by providing a platform for discussion where women can have the conversion towards self-discovery. I truly want to empower and equip women with the tools to help them grow their business and thrive in their personal lives.

2. Foster Your Professionalism

A professional approach is a must-do when you a the face of your company. You represent all that your company is about, and so do your actions. This goes especially for dealing with your clients, audience, and potential customers. It is also important to have a professional look of your website and overall online presence. Quality of your products and services also contribute to the overall professionalism of your brand. The delivery and packing is key, as well as the content you gather and value that you provide.

One key example is to have a professional photoshoot done. Go all out! Hire a makeup artist, dress elegantly, and do everything you can to successfully create the perfect professional look to compliment your brand. This elevates you to be the brand!

3. Learn to Take Criticism with Dignity

With fame, however small, comes scrutiny. People can, and will find a reason to judge you The key is to take criticism gracefully. The most important thing to remember is to use the constructive, and block out the destructive. Criticism of the things you have poured your heart into can feel very personal, and so it may be hard to respond calmly and rationally.

From personal experience, when you receive a hurtful comment or criticism, take time to think it through. If it applies, use it to adjust your business, if not, place it out of your mind.
Remember, everyone has their own journey and daily battles – so try to imagine what their motivations were. Don’t apologize for what you stand for, and allow others that same freedom. And remember, just breathe! Often times the best move is just to let it go.

Now over to YOU!

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