How to Start a Blog in 10 Easy Steps

Have you been thinking about starting your very own blog, but just haven’t had the faintest clue about where to start? Well here is your chance!

Recently I have been receiving a lot of requests for a step-by-step guide on how to start a blog. Often times we get held back by what we think we don’t know, and even more so when there’s no one around to show us how. So this week I decided to put together my very own post on how to get started in just 10 easy steps! Creating your own blog doesn’t require any special skills or years of education. All you need are a few simple guiding steps – it’s as easy as 1 through 10!

So now it’s up to you… Are you ready to take the next step? Let’s begin!

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Feeling brave? Then continue through the steps below.

What You’ll Need

  1. Credit Card
  2. Domain Name
  3. Hosting Package
  4. Website Theme To Install

Step 1: Set up Hosting Account


  • Visit:
  • Click the green “get started now” button
  • Select your package – advise going with the starter package $3.95/month

The hosting account is a server that provides you with a space to install your WordPress software and manage your blog. This is essentially where your blog will “live”. Now don’t let this server and software talk scare you off – it’s much easier than you think!

Step 2: Establish your Domain Name


  • Option 1: Choose a new domain name
  • Option 2: Sign up with your existing domain name
  • Hit Next

Step 3: Fill Out Account Information

A. Enter Your Details

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email

B. Choose your Package Plan

  • Choose the package that best suits your blogging needs


Bluehost offers a range of packages to suit your personal or business needs. Take some time to read through each package before deciding on the right one for your website.

C. Enter your Billing Details

  • Credit Card Number
  • Expiration Date
  • Signature/CVV Code
  • Confirm to have read & agreed to terms

D. Choose your Upgrades
This is a list of upgrades available for you to use on your website. Keep in mind these are additional services that you may not need right off the bat, but do take a minute to read through your options.


E. Hit Complete (green button)
This will take you to the “Congratulations” page, welcoming you to bluehost. It will also direct you to check your email for confirmation.


Step 4: Check Email

  • Go to e-mail account (may take a few minutes)
  • Hit the “Update Your Password” button

Step 5: Update Password Preferences

  • Create a password for your page
  • Use numbers and symbols to increase security
  • Important: Save this information in a secure place where you won’t lose it!


Step 6: Login at Bluehost


  • Login – domain name + password
  • Re-directed to an ad – click no thanks to move on
  • Click “home”


Step 7: Install WordPress

    • Scroll down to “Install WordPress” under Website


    • Click green “Install” button


    • Select and check the domain name you just registered or brought over


  • Click “Show advanced options box”
  • Type in your site name/title
  • Click “I have read terms & conditions” box
  • Hit “Install Now” and wait for process to load – can view your progress in the toolbar


Step 8: Head over to your website

    • Click on “view credentials” link


    • Click the “view” link


    • Click on admin URL – will direct you to your site


  • Fill in username & password to login

Well done! You have now officially created your very own blog :) This page is known as your Dashboard where you will edit your blog, manage your website, and create new posts (see step 10).

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Step 9: Install Website Theme

  • Click “Appearance” in dashboard sidebar
  • Click “Themes”, then “Add New” at the top
  • Search a new theme or use one you’ve previously selected*
  • Click “Install”, then “Install now”
  • Activate theme

*Here is a list of Theme Websites for you to check out:

Step 10: Write Your First Post

A. Create Post

  • Click “Posts”, then “Add New”
  • Enter the title of your post
  • Start typing!

B. Add Media

  • Click “Add Media”
  • Select a file from your Media Library, or
  • Click “Upload Files” and drag in a new file
  • Then click “Insert into post” at the bottom right of your screen

C. Add “Read More” option

  • Place cursor in text box where you’d like to insert
  • Click the “Insert Read More tag” from your text editing tools (top row, 2nd from the right)

D. Set Featured Image

  • Scroll down to “Featured Image” box at the bottom right-hand of your page
  • Click “Set Featured Image”
  • Select a file from your Media Library, or
  • Click “Upload Files” and drag in a new file
  • Then click “Set featured image” at the bottom right of your screen

E. Save, Schedule or Publish Post
The “Publish” box is located at the top right-hand side of your screen. There you can either select “Save Draft”, “Move to Trash”, or hit “Publish”. You can also schedule your post to publish later by editing the publish date. You can also click “Preview Changes” to see what your post would look like on your site.

Well Done!

You are now officially a blogger! I trust that you found these 10 easy steps to be very helpful. Now I encourage you to create a blogging schedule in order to establish consistency and to keep you accountable. This is the best way to build your audience and to grow your website traffic.

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Now I’d love to hear from YOU!

  1. Did you find these 10 steps helpful? What else should be included in the step-by-step process?
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As always, desire to inspire!



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