How to Reach Your Target Market With Instagram

Online marketing through social media is such an effective way to generate leads and drive sales. The key is to correctly target your ideal audience. This can be done by creating a niche-driven account and practice a high focus on your specific clients. This enables you to from strong client relationships and turns followers into super fans.

When you focus your account to one specific type of customer, the niche content that is delivered is much more likely to engage followers, resulting in higher interest and interaction on your account. Potential clients are more likely to start a “conversation” when the content is directly modified to answer their questions, intrigue their interests, and fulfill a need.

Here are 3 tips to effectively retarget and reach your desired audience and clientele by using Instagram.

1. Find Your Niche on Instagram

When establishing yourself in a specific niche, you are essentially developing an account specifically targeted to one type of customer. This can lead to higher interaction and interest in your brand. In order to keep this specific focus, you can create multiple business accounts to serve a specific market.

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Some great examples of this are Starbucks, Birchbox, and Forever 21. They have separate accounts tailored to different regions and customer segments such as men and women. Branches of their companies all over the world can then serve that specific market directly, creating a more direct marketing approach.


2. Draw Your Audience In

A great way to draw your target market to your Instagram profile is to use industry specific hashtags. Whether you are in the fashion industry, home decor, or wedding photography business, hashtags are a great way to attract new followers. These are hyperlinks that become searchable and allows your content to have a great organic reach, showing up where your audience spends their time. Understand their search habits and try to pinpoint exactly what they are there to see.

Sometime hashtags an deter new followers, so therefore it is best to use between 3-4 in your initial post description. An awesome tip is to use the first comment on your photo for more exposure using hashtags. Here it is recommended that you use between 8-10 at a time. Here are some great examples below.


3. Look at the Analytics of Your Photos

Without metrics, there would be no way to truly know if you are marketing effectively. A great way to do this is to look at which photos do the best. Then determine what did you do differently in those that had the most engagement? Is it the look of the photo or the strategy? What are your clients most interested in? Based on these stats you can create a consistent brand that directly markets to your target customers and specifically focuses on their preferences. Through this you can also determine how to best serve them and solve the problems they may be faced with.

One of the easiest examples of analytics on Instagram is of course the “number of likes”. As you can see from my own account below, fewer followers like when my posts are exactly the same as the featured image used for my blog [photo on the left]. Quotes garner a lot more engagement and when they are specifically targeted to my audience they get a great overall response [middle photo]. Still the most successful posts are those that have the “behind the scenes” or the “personal factor” attached to them [photo on the right].


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