How to Discover Your Life Purpose with 5 Simple Questions

Whether in business or in life, it always seems that our main goal is to find that true happiness. We want to find that sweet spot where we are living a balanced life, filled with all things that we love. This pursuit for happiness is such a strong motivator to live life to the full everyday.

However, according to Adam Leipzig, 80% of people are still unhappy with their lives! How is this possible when so many of us have this goal to find happiness? Often times the answer lies in our life purpose. When people feel that they aren’t living out their true purpose, their lives can feel empty and unfulfilled, even when they have a lot going for them.

So what makes happy people different from those who are unhappy? Most of the time it lies within their habits and their general approach to life. For example, happy people study for the joy of learning. They are not focused on taking classes simply to get them to a new job. Happy people also live without regrets, and don’t feel like they’ve wasted a single minute.

How to Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes

Often times one of the most difficult things to answer is that looming question of “What do you do?” This is especially tough when you’re transitioning careers, or you are still in the process of defining yourself.

How can discovering your life purpose get you closer to your true happiness? Watch the video below to find out!

If you’re like a lot of us you’ve wondered what our life purpose is. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself on this journey of discovery:

  1. Who you are?
  2. What you do?
  3. Who you do it for?
  4. What do those people want or need?
  5. How have they changed or transformed as a result?

Of all those questions, only two are about yourself while the other three are about other people. This forces you to take an outward facing approach to life, focusing on the people you serve instead of how you can serve yourself.

“Happier people make it a point to make other people happy and do things that make them feel well taken care of and secure. If you make other people happy, life teaches us that you will be taken care of, too.” – Adam Liepzig

So remember to share with others what it is you’ve discovered about your life purpose, and to empower others so that they may come to learn theirs too.

Now over to YOU!

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