Faux Fur and Backcountry Roads










Hello lovelies! I so love how these shots turned out. It was such a fun day, starting out with a coffee date in the morning to discuss some business strategy, and then we decided to take drive out to Bragg Creek and fly the drone for some fun :) Check out the vlog episode here, capturing the day and giving you a little behind-the-scenes look at our day, shooting, and enjoying taking in everything around us.

While we were out driving we sort of made a little impromptu stop and really jumped at the opportunity to capture this perfect backcountry road. This Ralph Lauren Faux Fur Coat is my absolute favorite right now, and the best birthday present to date! I added an amazing blanket scarf from Aritzia, and finished off the look with my go-to black ankle booties. It’s so incredible to live in a beautiful country where you can capture the perfect moments. Gratitude for where we are, and how far we’ve come in our lives is right on the top of my list!

So often we get stuck on wishing we were somewhere else, that we forget to be in the present and take advantage of the life we live. That has definitely been something that I’ve promised to continue to make a goal for 2017, really looking around instead of always looking ahead. Time goes by so quickly and then we always regret not savoring the little moments more often. This is especially true when you are making memories, or on those special days that come once in a lifetime.

I remember so clearly, all through planning my wedding and getting ready the day of, I made a point of soaking everything up!! It was almost like an out-of-body experience, watching all the fun, how beautiful all my girls looked with their hair updo’s and gorgeous faces smiling from ear to ear. Could not have imagined a more wonderful day, and I am so glad I took the time to be in the present and really experience every moment. This is what I hope to continuing doing in my life, never wishing any moments away. What are your goals for this year? <3 SHOP THE POST: Ralph Lauren Coat | Kate Spade Gloves | Talula Leggings | Wilfred Blanket Scarf | Aldo Booties
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