Hello Lovelies! Summer is slowly drawing to a end, but not quite yet :) The days are warm and are sandwiched in by cooler mornings and evenings. This is where you have to do a lot of transition outfits! Fall is definitely in my top favorites for wardrobe! The colors are beautiful, you get to be all cozied up, and hot chocolate and pumpkin spiced lattes are always on the menu :) One of my favorites is to dress a pair of shorts with a warm cozy sweater. I also love to add a closed-toe shoe option, so my feet don’t freeze! This keeps it perfect for transitioning from the cool mornings into the late summer days. Don’t forget to throw on a nice chunk of bling and accessories to show up before those gloves & scarves cover it all up! <3 . // abercrombie sweater similar here .// dear rae ring here .// aldo necklace here

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