Hello Lovelies! Today I thought we could have a little coffee shop talk, to give you a little insight into what it is I do. I run a podcast production company called We Edit Podcasts, and I’m excited to say that the company is turning 2 next month :) So what is podcast production exactly? Well, we help our clients edit, transcribe, and publish their podcasts episodes each week. Our clients record the audio content and send us the raw files. We take of all our clients’ editing and production needs so that they can focus their time where it is most needed. We also provide full transcripts and show notes services, as well as consulting and launch packages to help our clients get their podcasts up and running in no time.

So there you have it! My days are filled with running the company and all its parts, and here on the blog is where I get to be creative and have some fun with fashion! Often times I spend the afternoons in local coffee shops, like Analog on 17th Ave, enjoying a latté and getting through those long to-do lists. Even though it is such a treat to work from my home office, I never turn down a chance to get out of the house and get some work done in the midst of the hustle and bustle. Hope that gives you a little peak into my day-to-day life! Where are you enjoying your coffee breaks? <3 SHOP THE LOOK: Kate Spade Purse | Pandora Pearl Ring | Ray Ban Sunglasses
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