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Hello Loves! Is anyone else out there a huge fan of some classic fish & chips take-out? One of my favorite memories as a kid is driving out to Hout Bay to the Mariners Wharf to get fish & chips takeout, and sit on the deck overlooking the boats in the harbor! So now, whenever we get the chance we love having a little fish & chips picnic, even if it’s in the middle of the Prairies :)

We always go for the classic fish & chips combo from a cute little place called Gibson’s Fish & Chips in Saskatoon. They always prep their takeout packages in newspaper, tied together with a string. Absolutely love, love the authentic details! Not to mention, the food is amazing. Reminds me so much of being in London, stopping for fish & chips on the street after a long day of being “tourists” – which is another one of my favorite things to do. Mind you, I love being a tourist in my home countries as well. Life is absolutely more fun that way! What are some of your favorite memories? <3 SHOP THE POST: Salt & Pepper Grinders | Gibson’s Fish & Chips | Mariner’s Wharf
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