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A Birthday Brunch With The Ladies

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Hello my Loves! Now what is better than a weekend brunch?? So over the weekend I organized a wonderful birthday brunch to celebrate with some of the amazing ladies in my life. For the event, I booked us in at The Farmer’s House for a lovely intimate brunch. The place is an absolute gem and such a great little spot. The house was built in 1912, so it has a real rustic feel with separate little rooms that are great for private events. To start we enjoyed a few lattés, cappuccinos, and americanos. The special for the day was a Beef, Feta and Artichoke Frittata, served with a side of salad or potatoes. This sounded amazing, so I opted for the frittata with the salad, which was delicious and fresh. Others ordered the Farmer’s Breakfast Egg Sandwich, which was available with a choice of meat; chorizo sausage, bacon, or ham and can even be enjoyed with a side salad or soup. They also have a great selection of gluten free options, sourced from a local bakery. We had a lovely time, and enjoyed the cozy atmosphere of the old house. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend the morning together <3

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Balsamic Mustard Chicken & Garden Veggies

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Hi Lovelies :) It’s recipe timmee! Today I’m sharing another AMAZING recipe by trainer, BreeAnn Cox, from Body by Bree – the Balsamic Mustard Chicken Marinade. As it gets colder outside, my body always wants warmer foods! This recipe is a great way to add some flavor to your meals and adding delicious garden veggies. For the marinade, add 2 1/2 tablespoons mustard, 3 garlic cloves, 1/4 cup olive oil, and a 1/4 balsamic vinegar to a Ziplock bag. Rinse off the chicken breast, season with salt & pepper and add to the bag to marinate for at least 3 hours (or longer!). Once the chicken is nicely marinated, cut up some of your favorite in-season veggies, and roast them in the oven. Brown the chicken breast in a hot skillet, and then turn heat down and let them simmer until fully cooked. Serve with the veggies for a beautifully flavored meal <3

Chicken Salad Wrap

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Hello my loves! For those of you following along on my Insta-stories, you well know how much I love cooking, trying new food creations, and working on presentation #majorfoodie! Today I am excited to share this incredible chicken salad wrap recipe by trainer, BreeAnn Cox, from Body by Bree. I am in week four of working with Bree, who has helped me get the perfect meal plan to guide me on my health and wellness journey. She worked with me to create the best plan for my body, my goals, and my training in the gym. My meal plan was tailored to the foods I like, including fun new recipes to try with a breakdown of exactly what to eat for each meal to learn my macros. Bree’s Chicken Salad Wrap is one of my go-to lunches using an Ezekiel tortilla wrap (28g), 5 oz shredded chicken, 38.5 g chopped Granny Smith green apple, 2 oz sliced avocado, 1/2 oz of almonds, mixed with 2 oz 0% plain Greek yogurt to top it off. Greek yogurt is a great substitute for salad dressing, giving you amazing flavor and eliminating any unnecessary fat and it is still high in protein. Healthy eating is delicious! The key is knowing your portions and keeping track of your daily macros <3

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Good morning my loves! Is there anyone out there who loves pineapples as much as I do?? I hope so! This has been one of my most favorite fruits this summer, and it’s a winner in my husband’s books as well :) Pineapples really do make the most beautiful platters, especially for get-togethers on the deck, and some all around backyard fun. I have to say I do love it when they are freshly chopped, so I always buy my own, and slice it up right in my kitchen! Don’t be afraid of the big, scary pineapple :) There are two ways I like to slice them up, and it just depends on what you want your platter to look like. Always start with chopping off the crown. Next, you can either slice in half, then in quarters, and sometimes again. Finally, slice off the outside peel and chop into little triangles. But if you are going for more of a round look, I would just slice big circles, core out the hard middle piece, and slice around to get the peel off. Keep in mind, there are tons of crazy fun pineapple kitchen tools out there, so don’t hesitate to do some exploring! Now go out and enjoy some with me <3

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Good morning my loves! I wanted to share something super special with you today. It is a bit of a throwback finding it’s way onto the blog, but definitely a day worth remembering. When my lovely sister Linda was here for a visit, the two of us went for the most amazing high tea experience at the Fairmont Chateau in Lake Louise. Not only did we have extraordinary eats and treats, but the view was absolutely breathtaking. If you’ve ever been to Lake Louise you will know what I am talking about. That view just does not get old, and it is completely mesmerizing. It was the most wonderful afternoon, and definitely something to do with your girlfriends! And remember to soak in every moment <3

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